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POI's / Re: [KML/netlink] Strava Segments
August 24, 2021, 12:12:35
Thank you Tomáš Janoušek!

This is awesome!! And still works on my Locus 3.5:)

Nur: Germany scheint bei mir gar nicht auf! Hab in Europe Austria, Belarus, CZ, Fr, Moldavia, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, UK in Austria befinden sich nur 2 Karten..
Thanks! Didn't find this answer via Search.. However, Menion says in that Wanderkarte are now provided via Locus by default, but I can not not find it in the list of available maps!  (ps: sorry, the webpage menu tells me this would be the german forum - am I supposed to write in English or German?)

Wieso ist die Kompass Karte nicht mehr sichtbar? Die Tiles lassen sich in einem Browser beliebig laden (zB:, die Struktur des XML ist fehlerfrei.. und hat vor dem letzten Update auch wunderbar funktioniert! Vllt. weiß hier jemand Rat?
<!-- maps -->
<provider id="10850" type="0" visible="true" background="-1">
Thanks Menion - I edited the original posting.

I see the provider in the list of online maps and it is selectable..
I tried to change zoom level, too - but map still shows error '..not available'
I cant get this provider to work. Tiles come from my privat webhoster.

EDIT: I see the map in 'online maps' list properly, but the view tells me 'Kartenbereich nicht verfügbar' (German for 'Maparea not available')..

Anyone who can help out?


<provider id="20000" type="0" visible="true">

I just noticed the update of Map Tweak and re-run the addon - now everything is OK!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for helping - the Bergfex map source works with this fix. However, zooming beyond zoom 13 is not possible. And I wonder why the old XML-code was much longer than the one from the fix.

@berkley, you can't imagine how useful this map source is for austrian users - I know many people who use it mostly because of this feature. I'm appreciating this very much!
Thanks jusc!

Did you mean to replace the bergfex provider node in the providers xml?
i tried this, but kept the renamed original xml in the aame directory - this gave no result, everything is as before.

Regards, Kay

Since the last update I can't load Bergfex maps anymore - on the map it shows "Zugriff verweigert" meaning "access denied"..
Does anybody have had the same problem, and does anybody know what is the issue here?

On other services, which fetch Bergfex tiles everything seems to work well:

Hello all,

I've created some overlays and put them on a server for download ( When trying to download from the web to a android device's sd-card, the files in sqlitedb format are not downloaded but opened in the android browser, displaying its content and hyroglyphs.. When I open the links on my laptop or pc they are downloaded as they should.

Is there any way to circumvent this and download directly to the sd card from the web? Or would I really have to download to my pc or laptop first and then transfer to sd-card..