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Declined / Time sync
March 18, 2011, 15:25:54
I haven't found any software, which could set the device clock according to GPS time. So I am adding this feature to Locus wishlist.

[CZ] Nenasel jsem na Tvych webovkach zadne "donate". Nesbiras zadne milodary od ukrutne spokojenych uzivatelu? :-)
Good work, it perfectly meets my needs.

I want to thank developer for creating such usable free aplication. And I have a question. Is it possible to show statistics (avg speed, distnce, atc.) of actual track being recorded? If there is no such function (or some workaround how to get this result), I have some sugestions which would solve this:

- create this function
- create function which would call external app and pass track as a parametr to it
- create function, where can I explicitly save the track withnout stopping it (I think, this is the easiest way)

This thread belongs from half to wishlist. So after answering the question "NO", it can be moved there.