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I mean the url the "View in Google Earth" link leads to. It should be something like;output=nl&msid=(....)

Right click on that link, choose copy URL, paste it to the address bar, change the part I mentioned and click Enter to download.
sorry I missed a step. Try copying the Google earth URL and look for the part "output=nl" and change it to "output=kml", then use that new URL to download.
!. Go to My Maps in Google Maps and open the list of places you want to have in Locus
2. Click the "View in Google Earth" link in Google Maps to generate and download a KML file
3. Copy the file on your phone
4.  Import it in Locus.

At least that's how I always do it.
The release notes for 0.9.13 said something about being able to add custom online maps. Is this feature in yet/still, and how can I try it? I'm mainly interested in seeing if // and // can work with Locus...

Completely unrelated, but is it possible to turn off the "long press on map to search" feature? It opens accidentally all the time when I'm centering the map on a POI.

Also, can you make it display only one POI name when centered? Now Locus often considers multiple POI as centered (easily happens if you're not fully zoomed in and there are several POI near each other) and tries to display all their names on top of each other.

Finally, can the POI name go into two (or more) lines on the POI window? I mean the one that displays the coordinates and POI description, etc.
Quoteabout MyMaps ... thanks for your report. Please try it now ... you can now select type of map (public, unlisted), also all map should be clickable without problems.

Yes, no problems now. And it seems a lot snappier too. Nice. I still haven't figured out what those checkboxes actually do, though :)

Maps that have no description now say "null". Maybe "(No description)" instead?

Quotehow did you created this complex map with folders?? Seems that this map will be problem and I have no idea how to receive this data ...

Ah, it's not created by me.  Here's another similar one that doesn't show in Locus.

I'll play with it some more over the weekend.

QuoteAnd please, beware direct contact with me. After I read newest comment on market, I know new information about myself!

Man that comment sucked... But I have to admit the app description in the market is a bit doesn't really work to make people less suspicious. Would you like some help with that? I'm no  marketer, but I can write technical descriptions :)
QuoteHow it's possible that GPS think, that you're in Prague? Someone wrote me similar issue as comment on market ... grr!

Ah, forgot about this. I think the Prague thing is just the default location when the app starts and doesn't have gps location. I was first testing the app on the train so I just had gps turned off from phone settings the whole time... I wasn't complaining about the Prague thing, but the fact that the app tries to draw a 9000km Guide line and stops responding.
Ok I switched to

Some maps become randomly unselectable in My maps. Creating/deleting new maps or leaving and re-entering My maps seems to "reset" the situation.

Currently I have 4 maps showing in My Maps: First the Demolished Haikyo map (link in my previous post), then two maps I created earlier in Google Maps and finally the Tokyo subway trails map (link in my previous post. The Tokyo subway map is selectable when entering My Maps, but only if it's the first map I click on. It becomes unselectable if I first click another map or if I click on it and then click back button. If I create a new map in My Maps, some other map starts behaving this way.

Maybe your fixes about maps with a url in their description fix this too?

If I create a new map in My Maps and add waypoints to it, it shows up in Google as a public map (searchable by others). I think having it be private would be better as the default setting. Or it would be nice if there was at least an option. The map creation stuff itself seems to work fine, though :)

A number of maps that are in my Google Maps don't show in My Maps. This is one. I haven't yet looked into it more carefully, so they might all have "folders" like that or other weird stuff... Btw, option to search and import other users' maps might be cool :)

I guess you're right about the full offline; I'd probably want to use global settings in that case anyway...
Hi, I just discovered this app via the thread on xda-devs and looks like I'm going to be using it enough to warrant registering here too. Simply awesome. Some notes, though note that these are based on the market version, so please ignore if you've already looked at some of these.

Feature requests:

Could the Tracks menu have the same options as Points menu? Like Select all, find on map, categories etc. I realize this may be "subverting" what tracks were designed for, but for me the main use is stuff like layering Tokyo subway tracks on the map like this.

The popup when clicking a single waypoint is a bit narrow for most of my waypoint names. Could the waypoint name be split on two lines, or maybe have the name scroll or just makethe popup wider? (or make the full name visible without tapping like someone suggested)


When importing my map from Google, most waypoints retained the blue pin symbol while some adopted the one set in my category on Locus. Is this supposed to happen?

This map is unselectable for me in Locus My Maps (can't click on the checkbox, can't open the menu when clicking on it etc.) One of my own maps also behaves weirdly (I can open the menu and export the waypoints, but sometimes trying to click the checkbox makes it just stop responding, while other maps continue to work). What does the checkbox do btw?

Clicking Guide On on a waypoint in Japan while the GPS thinks it's in Prague slows the app to crawl, almost unresponsive. Done that twice by accident now and had to Force Close to get my phone back working again. Maybe add some sanity check into the guide feature. Or maybe I need a faster phone :)

Offline mode: Is there supposed to be a full offline mode? The one in settings only seems to disable online maps, but the app still downloads stuff like photos in waypoint descriptions.

When editing waypoints, Japanese (and probably other weird languages) characters are displayed by the character code in the edit menu. As in, & #27494 instead of 武. Not a big issue, and seems to only affect imported waypoints (if I write 武 in Locus, it's displayed correctly also in the edit menu.