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Weird, as you may see on screenshots, I'm able to "pair" and then "connect in Locus". Hmm it will be another hard task to make it work with all BT devices ...
Hi Menion, I have to apologize - it works for me the exactly same way now. I'm almost sure that the device was not visible in the pairing dialog in Android 4.3 (first version with BLE support) and I haven't tried it since - sorry :(
Thanks for your help and great work! - will do more testing over the weekend (especially related to a stability of the connection), but everything looks fine :)

@head: hmm sad to see this. You are testing it with latest Locus version?
Yes, the latest version available from this thread.
And did you used "Heart rate monitor (BT 4.0)" panel for connection?
Yes, it shows me a list of previously paired devices (e.g. my BT headset) but not the HR monitor.
Hmm I purchased PanoBike TopPeak HRM for testing and with it, it works correctly. From documentation, it looks like all devices should now use same system for communication (not like before with BT 2.0/3.0). But if it won't work, it will be again a problem ...
Strange ... some more data-points which might help. I'm using Nexus 4/Nexus 7 2013 with the latest Android (4.4.2). The HRM works on the same phone/tablet with
Is your HRM visible as a paired device in Settings-Bluetooth or it just appears in "Heart rate monitor (BT 4.0)" panel?

is the "Heart rate monitor BT 4.0" support supposed to work with low energy (BLE/Bluetooth smart) devices or just the regular ones? I've tested with Polar H6 sensor and it's not recognized - Locus Bluetooth manager shows just paired devices - and there is, AFAIK, no pairing for BLE ones.

Wishlist / BLE heart rate sensor support
« on: July 30, 2013, 11:21:18 »
With Bluetooth Low Energy (aka "Bluetooth Smart") finally available in Android 4.3 it would be great to have BLE heart rate sensors (like Polar H6 or H7) supported in Locus.

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