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Turning instructions are generated for the hiking segments. But not for the manual ones.
Idea: Whenever there is a manual segment, the turn-by-turn directions are generated based on the angle change of the route.

Of course :)

- Classical TBT navigation onto the routable tracksections.
- Clock notation guiding on the manual beeline tracksections.

The distinction between routable and manual beeline sections is so immediately clear.

A transfer by a gpx navigation track.
(Read by Notepad ++ or gpx editor program)
- Already contains all the necessary instructions attached in trkpt.
- Current Locus only promotes the classical TBT instructions @ import!

(Login and see attachment)
Aktion: Zeigen Sie das Problem und stellen Sie Ihre Frage hier
Oder noch direkter hier:
Images speak louder than words ;-)
Replace "Unknown Street" display by simple "--" in full transparant top panel.
(Has already been suggested before......)
Try RouteYou as an alternative capable route planner.
RouteYou supports Locus turn instructions with street names.
Produce and save your design in RouteYou web, either public or private.
In the file export,than select download as a Locus gpx track.
Import the gpx navigation track into Locus and navigate.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 04, 2023, 14:46:53
Transfer to other maps.

Copy & Share GPS Location / Coordinates
     ✔ copy/share/feed Map GPS location from one map (e.g. Google Map) to your favorite maps

Search a place in Google maps > Share > Select Transfer to other map > Select Locus map.
Is this conversation about kmz (gpz) imports ?
Test Locus Classic 3.68.2
After import the attachments are placed here.

The (Locus own viewer) already shows the pictures immediately.
After clicking you can use any viewer you like.
You have to find the pdf first and then open it with your own viewer.

- Test file with photos and a test file with pdf attached.
Maybe is usefull for Menion ?
The Waypoint list.

Can you attach an export as gpx file ? Inclusive instructions.
Than I suggest ask in the helpdesk New Idea.
Unless dev takes a quick action by reading along.

Or the function in Points & tracks should also include and hide Silent Via Points.
Points & tracks > Show Navigation commands on map. (Turns & Via ? & Silent Via) 

Well this yet

An expert reports the Locus planner shaping points are shown as via points.

I myself still hardly use the Locus planner but instead the Cruiser app and desktop version.
Cruiser_Brouter exports a gpx navigation track with Via and Shaping points and U-turn support.
Locus then also converts these Shaping points to Silent Via points at the Locus gpx exports.
When you import that Locus export back then, those Silent Via points are nicely preserved.
How Locus itself suddenly produces those Silent Via points unexpectedly is beyond me.
However, if this coincides with the Brouter update, this might be the track to follow.

related to the recent BRouter update which came via Play Store


As the Brouter now generates and u-turns and does support the export of Via and Shaping Points in the gpx file.
By this so both the Via Points and the Shaping points information is not lost and are so fully recoverable.

Locus supports this but Locus disguises the Shaping Points as Locus 'silent Via Points" that are so not announced.

See a navigation waypoint listing example in the gpx export by Locus as attached.
The extra info can be noticed in the Locus extension. See pass_place_silent

Solution ?
Locus could optimally offer extra NEW a 'discrete Icon for these Silent Via Points.
Discrete Icon example is a Garmin sym "waypoint" represented by a mini black dot Icon.

Or rather you prefer to display no Icon maybe ?

Goto expert settings and set your prefered waypoint Icon to be displayed.