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Hello menion!
Wow, what a fast reply. Sounds great that you found something, thank you for your help.
Franz [wolf-o]
I often generated some GPX Files from my GSAK database(s) and import them in POI´s into Locus. Since two weeks (or three?) some of my already founded Caches are shown in Locus as not found.
For test i have exported only 2 Caches from GSAK (GPX Version 1.0 or 1.1 makes no difference), both are marked inside GSAK as founded.
Here is a Screenshot:

I´ve attached the test.gpx file.

Here some technical Details about my Phone:
Locus Pro Version: 2.20.2 (on SD Card)
Device: Galaxy Note 2 - Android 4.3

Dank brotbuechse hab ich wieder eine OutdoorActive Map im Locus, hurra. :)
Vielen Dank!
Bei mir das gleiche Problem, wäre echt schade wenn die nicht mehr verfügbar wären. :(