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I see. It seems that you can either "Share" a track, or if you unceck "Share" then you're able to export to the memory. I think it has been possible in the past to save to memory and share a once.

The same is true for exports of points.

It's still there, you have to click onto the "roof"-icon on the bottom right

Ich kann die Schilderung von berndy2001 bestätigen. Der WMS-Link funktioniert in anderen Programmen wie z.b. QGIS oder Leaflet.

In Locus funktioniert auch die Initialisierung, daher sämtlichen WMS-Daten und Layer werden richtig eingelesen. Nur die Anzeige funktioniert nicht. Man sieht nur kurzes Aufflackern von "Loading.." aber keine Karte.

Dieser Thread beschäftigt sich auch mit der Thematik

Bitte keine Google-Drive Links posten, diese können sich ändern, ich erhalte auch jetzt schon zuviele Anfragen, die bei Google Drive ins Leere laufen aufgrund von falschen Links die irgendwer ohne Zustimmung gepostet hat.

Solange das Portal noch aufgrund von Umzug offline ist, könnt ihr mich gerne per PM um bestimmte DTMs bitten. Wenn es Neuigkeiten dazu gibt, erfährt ihr das auf meinem Twitter-Kanal.

Weitere Fragen bitte direkt im Thread posten, danke

6 is going to be transfered to a new operator, run by a governmental department. After necessary adaptions the site is going to be online again.

The downloadlinks itself are still active, but I don't want to post them in public, cause they could be outdated in the future. So neanwhile you can send me a PM with your DTM of interest and I'll send you the download links.

Btw: If there are news, I'll post it on my twitter channel

Troubles & Questions / Re: Incorrect altitude data
« on: June 07, 2021, 15:19:54 »
Very strange the fact that LoMaps ignores the new elavation file if creating hillshades, maybe a caching problem?

About the files: Yes, 1" files (an elevation sample ca. each 25m) has a 3 times higher resolution than 3" files (an elevation sample ca. each 75m). And since there are 3x3 1"-samples in the same area of one 3"-sample the resulting filesizes are 9 times larger. 

Troubles & Questions / Re: Incorrect altitude data
« on: June 07, 2021, 10:12:17 »
Download version "DTM Germany 1" v1 by Sonny" from (you can just download the files of the area of your interest, e.g. )

LIDAR elevation files for the area of Sachsen-Anhalt have been added some months ago, probabaly that's the reason why LoMaps still using older (=SRTM) elevation sources for this region.

Maps / Re: What DEM (elevation) formats are supported in Locus?
« on: May 23, 2021, 14:57:59 »
As far as I know, Locus just supports the fileformat of SRTM data (.hgt) right now, so you probably have to convert your .geotiffs.

There's a thread in th Helpdesk
to add GeoTIFF support for maps, the same would apply to elevation data.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Export/Import of computed Geocaches
« on: May 07, 2021, 21:04:32 »
Thank you menion, this feature is working now!  :)

Troubles & Questions / Re: Export/Import of computed Geocaches
« on: May 05, 2021, 09:24:22 »
There a some small things to improve:

Since you choose the GSAK-notation, maybe also keep its CamelCased-tags, since otherwise this could be a potential problem if importing into other software:
Code: [Select]

<gsak:lonbeforecorrect> is filled with Latitude instead of Longitude value by mistake

A new (unnecessary) "Final" Additional waypoint is created during export

Thanks, this is working now  :)

Troubles & Questions / Re: "Update caches"-bug of unfound caches
« on: April 29, 2021, 09:26:24 »
the app does not communicate with Groundspeak servers during import. Better, Locus Map does not download any cache data directly.

There's no need to communicate with Groundspeak servers DURING IMPORT of a .gpx file. Just after a user wants to update a Cache's status/Listing/Logs by clicking onto "Update caches"

To be honest: I never understood what the setting "Geocaching > Keep own data during import" is exactely for. I'm sure there are good reasons for this setting, maybe they could be explained in more detail within the manual e.g. what data of a Cache exactly is being saved from overwriting. ;D

One example could be the follwong case: I import a .gpx of a friend which contains Usernotes regarding the solution of these Mystery caches. I want to keep these Notes also after clicking onto ""Update caches" although I don't have any Usernotes on this Cache at Groundspeak's Cache site"

Troubles & Questions / Re: "Update caches"-bug of unfound caches
« on: April 28, 2021, 21:12:16 »
Hi Menion,

I already tried to switch off the setting "Keep own data" during import as well as later on "Update Cache". But also in this case the Cache status stays "Found" by mistake. Am I doing something wrong? I also deleted all field notes before within Geocaching settings.

Well this case always takes effect if a friend plans a joint Cache tour, sends me a GPX of planed Caches, and if there are some Caches he already found which I didn't. Then for me it looks like I found thoses caches too because I see a Found-smiley on the map by mistake.

I thought, Locus is updating the Cache status by connecting to Groundspeak via "Live Api"? So there should be no problem to get the correct found/unfound status from Groundspeaks' database.

You're right that "Update caches" should not overwrite a manual entered Offline-"Found" within Locus (field note). But a Cache which have been imported by a .gpx is not a manually entered Foundlog. Hence "Update caches" should sync the Caches with Groundspeaks database.

Maybe Locus could check the existance of a field note of this Cache before setting Status from Found to Unfound in these cases?

But ok, if this is too complicated to implement - it's not the most important Geocaching problem to solve and we can still arrange with these "pseudo-found" smileys due to the import of a foreign gpx-file ;-)

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