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the old add to right panel was much simpler
yer the only way i could reproduce it was to kill the power to the gps whilst recording it would have the same result the location would fix itself when a fix was acquired but it would kill the tracklog
no the sensation is on stock ICS, last weeks 300 odd miles recorded fine on the nexus 5, hopefully it will stay that way although i have been running Trekbuddy on the sensation just in case as a back up!

February 27, 2015, 17:47:03
another crash today on the nexus 5 , bug report submitted #6728, same as normal track record just stops

February 28, 2015, 14:29:30
another day another crash #6734, although this one could be due to the gps giving up is there anyway of telling from the bug report if location over the bluetooth was lost?

March 28, 2015, 22:21:50
just an update one month on, no more crashes!, i'm guessing the bluetooth gps was to blame

March 28, 2015, 22:45:06
Hmm, hard to say something trekbuddies :). Glad it works for you, because I really had absolutely no idea what to do with your issue ...
Troubles & Questions / Re: playpack tracks
February 19, 2015, 17:50:26
very handy cheers, maybe link to it in the tools part of the forum
Troubles & Questions / Re: playpack tracks
February 19, 2015, 16:35:39
nice, i use strava playpack as i upload my tracks to strava  :D
Troubles & Questions / playpack tracks
February 19, 2015, 15:28:29
the ability to replay a track would be nice  :) in either real time or X2 X4 etc
"Map screen appear(after some loading right)"
No map screen was loaded, locus was running as such, map was cantered at GPS location, just blue arrow and track line was back down the road as screenshot
edit February 14, 2015, 15:08:23
i paused track recording, track time was showing 5:14 unpaused track record time went back to 4:34 the time of the crash , no further recording was possible,
so it seams locus keeps running as in map is at gps position, but track record just stops recording/being displayed on the map
bugreport taken just now
------ UPTIME (uptime) ------
up time: 3 days, 06:32:04, idle time: 23:49:30, sleep time: 2 days, 08:26:28
[uptime: 0.1s elapsed]

------ MEMORY INFO (/proc/meminfo) ------
MemTotal:        1899548 kB
MemFree:           57404 kB

bug report taken again
------ UPTIME (uptime) ------
up time: 00:02:15, idle time: 00:02:23, sleep time: 00:00:16
[uptime: 0.1s elapsed]

------ MEMORY INFO (/proc/meminfo) ------
MemTotal:        1899548 kB
MemFree:          329336 kB

so are you saying the track recording is being killed? or do you suspect its just running out of memory?
hi thanks for looking into it, the last 2 days tracks have recorded all ok, i will keep an eye on the memory usage , and thinking i haven't updated to lollypop due to the memory leaks!, my other phone htc sensation also suffers from the crashes but im aware that it has less memory to play with, it only happens on the longer rides which would tie in with the memory
February 02, 2015, 21:03:59
Thanks I will do that next time it happens, I record rides most days it has only happened twice ( both times this year) the first time I thought it might be the GPS so I started using my other one, 69 rides have recorded without problem so its not a common problem

edit February 11, 2015, 14:36:47
...this happened again today, i was out on a ride and stopped to look for a geocache, upon stopping i noticed the map was not centered where i was, so i tapped the center to gps button and the map centered to my location but the track and blue arrow was further back down the road ( the track record had crashed , i then stopped and saved the track took a bug report ( which i cant access as it was too big to email ahhh) anyway when i got home i took another bug report this one was smaller (i guessing its since the last report was taken and may not contain any useful info) i will try to recover the first bug report but as the device is not rooted it may take some time, the bug report was #6649 for your ref and the last reported gps timestamp before the crash was 12:33:47

UPDATE: ok so yesterday i did a longer ride, i ran 2 phones, nexus 5 with bluetooth gps in my back pack worked fine all day kept recording during calls etc all ok . second phone htc sensation (no sim card) bluetooth gps using navigation along a track , worked fine for the first 35 miles then navigation went quiet,i stopped press the power button, map was where i was, track record and navigation was back down the road, i un highlighted  map at gps, scrolled map, re select map at gps, the track jumped in straight line to where i was and navigation worked again 5 mins down the road the same again.
i stopped track record and saved ,re started again, stopped navigation and restarted to see if that would fix it, just down the road same thing again, so i set screen to always on to keep an eye on things, i noticed "device connection lost" or something like that so i think this  may be causing the track record/ navigation crashes as no gps stream is being received, exited locus waited a minute restarted and all was fine for the rest of the ride, so it seams exiting and re starting locus fixes it.
as i was on a ride i did not have time to investigate more, tomorrow i will run a logcat at the same time as locus on that device

edit February 14, 2015, 15:08:23
Yet another crash today bug report submitted and screen shot, same as the last time sudden recording crash,map at gps location but track/blue arrow back down the road, i paused track recording, track time was showing 5:14 unpaused track record time went back to 4:34 the time of the crash , no further recording was possible, exit locus, restarted, gps icon was white!, exited again waited a minute, restarted all ok, if you wish for me to do any more testing drop me mail to the addy i sent bug report from , in the mean time i'll use another app :(
hi yes, it first happen a few weeks back gpx file was terminated normally, i got home and locus was showing my position correct, so one thing i did was to set locus to auto start track recording, thinking if it did stop it would auto start again ( this would help when i forget to hit record also!), today i was out the a different phone and different bluetooth gps reciever and the same happened again, i upload my rides to strava but prefer using locus to track as i use the bluetooth gps to save battery life, i also back up the .gpx and use in other apps (memorymap etc), i also sometimes geocache at the same time so locus is the best app to use but this track crashing is becoming a real pain   
track recording had crashed on me twice on two different devices in the last few weeks, i will get home hit stop save etc all will seam ok until you go and look at the track and find it short this is very disappointing  :(
Free chat / Re: Velo Computer
August 25, 2014, 13:16:07
just use locus and a bluetooth gps to record track, lasts all day
is this still correct? Geoget uses the API to download all logs, there is a limit of 30 caches per 60 seconds though if downloading logs for more than one cache, so maybe no good for geocaching for locus but should be on in the update cache option
the same was happening when trying to log online via locus this afternoon , but all seam ok again now  :)