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Many thanks. I'll experiment with this.


Ok. I was moving more to rmap because I can share the same file between Locus and desktop CompeGPSLand application.

Many thanks.

Best regards

I am trying to use this over offline map too.
It appears that sqlitedb files supports overlay but rmap doesn't.
Both have been made by MobAC.

Hi John

Thanks, it's working great.

I am not yet much aware about XML theme files.
I would like to try to make the lines more visibles.
What should I look for in the XML file (color, thickness, ...) ?

It would be great if I could make the countour line as a pair of black+white lines side by side to increase the contrast.

If you know a good place to learn about tweaking XML files, that would me much appreciated.

EDIT : Question : There are 2 contoursxml files in the ZIP. Is that normal ? Shall I keep both ?

Thanks a lot

Best regards


Does anyone knows about an on-line map source for transparent elevation contour lines that could be used as an overlay over satellite imagery maps ?

I am looking to achieve something like in Strava (see below) by adding elevation contour on-top of Google or others satellite  maps.

Thanks in advance

best regards


I've just created to a post on the "help - share idea" section :

I'd love to see buttons for :
- Zoom in and out
- Quick Add-waypoint (adds a waypoint at current location without additional dialog - Should allow to specify folder and icon somewhere. Waypoint would be named by date and time. [Note that this is different from the existing Add-waypoint-on-track].
- Full screen on/off
- Buttons panels on/off -> On: make the panels to appear without timeout. Off: restore timeout if previously set.

Implemented / Re: Geocache Type: MyOwn
November 11, 2014, 11:59:07
By ID was ot set in Geocaching settings.

Sorry for answering to such an old topic, but appently there is no more "MyOwn" icon.

Last time I refresh my own cache, the icon changed from "MyOwn" to the standard icon (tradi, multi, etc...)

Any reason why ?


I've tried the above BSH script in MoBAC.
While it seems to get tiles down to zoom 10, the position is totally wrong.
For example zooming out from one position move totally out.

As anyone made some progress on this one ?

Other features / Re: Locus works in VirtualBox!
August 30, 2013, 22:49:50

As you guys, I'd like to run Locus on my PC.

I am more a VMWare user than VirtualBox and I am a bit confused by what I find on
It looks like they recently changed to a commercial company but apparently they also changed the VM engine to something called Genymotion software. Is that correct ?
Does it means it is no more possible to run AndroVM under VMWare Player ?

As I would like to avoid installing VirtualBox in // of VMWare, I would appreciate any advice.

EDIT : And what about ? Is it a good alternative ?

Thanks in advance.

best regards
thanks,  I'll give it a try

"Your device does not have a proximity sensor"
 :o  :evil:

Personally I don't care about dimmed screen. Off is much better in my opinion, and whatever in sun light dimmed screen is as black as off (unreadable).

The problem is to be able to wake up the screen just by pressing the touch screen without any hardware button because on mountain bike, my tablet is in a waterproof box which prevent me to access the power button on the side of the device.

So any solution :
- which switch off the back light for maximum saving
- which allow me to wake up the backlight just by touching the screen
- prevent the lock to occur (the option in Locus is inefficient on my GyTab2) so I can switch to another app without quittng Locus
would be perfect.

As of today, "Screen ON" and "Wakey Premium" are the closest solutions which dims the backlight (does not switch it off) and solve the other points.
Wakey Premium as the advantage over Screen ON :
- to support landscape mode
- no to quit each time I disable the "keep-awake" mode (Screen ON need to be restarted each time)
But the so called "AutoWake" which is supposed to automatically enable the keep-awake mode by identifying the app does not work (at least for Locus).
So I purchased Wakey premium for the AutoWake feature, expecting it :
- to start automatically when I use Locus,
- applying the dim/always-on mode only if Locus is in forefront
Neither of these features are working
So not worth the 1.90€,
Better stick to Screen ON, even if it works only in Portrait.
I don't remember well how Locus used to behave before because I did not tried to use it on bike before.
It's just now that I finished to mount my waterproof case on the bike that I am wondering how to handle this [:)]
But I bet it was just dimming, not toal off.

Trying to purchase Wakey now but doesn't seems to work [:(] Keeps on "Downloading..."
So far, Screen ON seems to do the job when you select "Let it dim" mode.
After the system timeout, the screen dims, and you just have to touch the screen to wake it up.
No screen lock neither.
Hi tommi

Indeed, I did not read it carefully enough and Screen ON seems to do the job except it works only in portrait mode while my tab is installed in landscape mode on my bike. Also it just dim the backlight and doesn't switch it fully off. And you have to run it every time before Locus.

Has any one a result with Wakey premium ? Would it be able to run automatically when I start Locus ?
Hi Gynta

I did see this discussion but :
- Topic does not cover the 2 points I am talking about, especially 1)
- Topic is closed at Menion has definitively removed the support for dimming and wake-lock
- Topic does not offer a solution

Thus the need to have a topic which can address it and comes to a solution.

Indeed the topic you are referring talks about Wakey.
But there is no users feedback which can tell if this is really efficient and what is the impact of such app on battery life.
Also I found another similar app "Wake lock"

Any feedback ?

Any feedback too on the "Prevent lock" issue on GyTab ?