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#1 Nic jineho me nenapada.
Agree with you about the poor maps features in IpBike.

Currently I use both apps. IpBike for track recording (as Locus has problems with ANT+ sensors now and IpBike has better handling of altitude sensor in my opinion) and Locus when I need navigation. Not ideal when I have to switch between them while riding, but it is not needed so much often.

Also hope I will use just one app some day. In Locus I also miss the ability to quickly switch between different dashboards.

while considering to implement virtual power, there is a nice javascript calculator with explanation. A good point where to start:

But in my opinion it is not worth implementing as any other method then direct power measuring is very inaccurate unless the conditions are ideal (no wind, the same surface, still position on the bike...)

If you want to try it install the IpBike app: ... oid.ipbike It has quite ugly GUI and the control is not very intuitive but it has superb features, unmatched by any other android app I know, for bike.
Hi, it is a known annoying problem. See here: ... es-via-mtp
Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
May 03, 2013, 12:24:33
I was curious so I did try Cloudmate – no problem. So it seems to be a sort of bug in BRouter.
Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
May 03, 2013, 10:24:40
I have just tried to calculate the same route as you did in the video. I did not give me the error, but for some reason the calculated route is avoiding the part of Schulstrasse where you positioned the via point. Maybe this part of way has some tag which is forbidden in the routing profile. Or it is simply a bug.

Still, it is a question for the author of the app.
Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
May 03, 2013, 10:06:19
Well, this seems to be a question for the author of the app. Try to ask here: ... ikerouting

I experienced a similar problem with a via point when the BRouter got in an infinite loop and was unable to calculate the route. I found out then the via point was not positioned on a way but beside or something like that. And I was not able to put it there. I had to find a bigger street nearby and put the point on it.
Navigation & Guidance / Re: AW: BRouter
May 03, 2013, 09:37:10
Quote from: "locuscycling"I understand i have to download  all files from this page // and mayby all from //

Hi, you definitely do not need to download all the .rd5 files. These are vector map data used for route calculation, so you need only those for your area. These map data are sliced to 5x5degrees tiles. So if you want route data for example for Poland, you will need these files:

As the coordinates of upper left corner of bounding box of Poland are 55.0,13.8 and lower right corner coordinates are 49.0,22.9... I hope I am right, be sure to check it again.

Anyway if you really want to download data for the whole world, there are several ways. Some of them are described here: ... te-or-ftp/

The profiles at are preferences for route calculation – for example prefer cycling routes, penalize steep uphils, avoid highways etc. Just download them all, try to calculate routes with the same from/to points using the various profiles and see the differences in the final route.

here is a webservice for METAR data: ... amples.php

In the request you can specify for example most recent data from all airports within a given radius from a given coordinates: ... ation=true
Quote from: "menion"@sherman: do you know any site that offer METAR data for the whole world? I'm not able to find any. Only some local

I am using this site:

But I believe there are some web services with API which should be easier to use with an android app, as on Google Play are several of them. I will do some research and will let you know.
Hi, my two cents:
I agree with tommi, I also would like to have a possibility to automatically calibrate altitude sensor using SRTM. It is one from reasons I still use ipBike for biking instead of Locus.
I think it would be more reasonable to leave the possibility for choosing the source of automatic calibration.
It would be also nice to have a possibility to autocalibrate using METAR data from nearest airport.When the airport is not too far away, this method is most accurate.
Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
April 04, 2013, 21:22:02
I have installed it about two weeks ago and I am very satisfied so far. I use the trekking profile in Prague – prefer safer way to a quicker in this city, where the whole cyclo infrastructure is messed up.

I compared the calculated route to my work with my self-explored best way and it almost matches. Today I made a trip to "unknown" and wasn't surprised in any bad way.

But you have to count on the fact the quality of the calculated route heavily depends on the quality of the underlying map source – OSM.

Although the app is not tightly integrated to Locus, it is quite easy and quick to use it – I added link to BRouter to right panel and than added shortcut to 'Quick new point' where I predefined the 'from' and 'to' points.
Wishlist / Re:
March 29, 2013, 10:45:17
I also think a reasonable fee for downloading more tiles would bee good -- both to users and the author.

A little offtopic: How difficult, or if even possible, is to take a style of this render (it is for mapnik, I think) and transform it to a MapsForge style to use it together with vector maps in Locus?
Wishlist / Re: LiveTracking .. back in Locus
March 28, 2013, 12:53:52
Hi barbudor,

you got farther then me - I started to write the script but had not enough time to get it to a working state. So I am sorry but I am not able to help you as you know more then I now ;)

The quit from menu after KML refresh time seems to be a bug in Locus - we should ask menion to look at it.

Multiple arguments should work but you have to use "&" instead of simple & – see ... oODLYgItxo

Do you plan to provide your script to others? I would like to do it myself but I am afraid I will not have enough time to finish it to be really usable.
Wishlist / Re: LiveTracking .. back in Locus
March 26, 2013, 10:30:16
Of course any PHP capable server will do. I just wanted to point out someone still has to set it up, it is not "Tap & Play".

I am working on the script right now. I intend it for my personal use only; but once done I will post it here so anyone can modify and use it.

I guess an alpha version could be this/next week.