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Hello, I wanted to see if anyone has generated their data for GraphHopper based on a PBF file.
I have several doubts:
1. What are the profiles that the GraphHopper Locus plugin handles? At the icon level there are 3, apparently car | bike | foot. This limits the profiles to indicate in the file in the graph.flag_encoders attribute.
2. Why does the plugin handle only 3 profiles and GraphHopper online allows more?
3. I tried to generate with the bike2 profile (graph.flag_encoders = car|turn_costs = true,bike2,hike) and also with the hike and foot profiles, both (graph.flag_encoders = car|turn_costs = true,bike,hike,foot ) ... but it gives an error. To solve the error, the same generator recommends adding in the configuration graph.bytes_for_flags=8. This allows to generate the files successfully ... but ... these files are not usable by the plugin. When I want to use the files generated with this option (graph.bytes_for_flags=8), the plugin gives error. You can not get the point 0 ... you can not get the point1. It only works by generating files with profiles that do not require adding this option, ie with the combination car,bike,hike or car,bike,foot.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Import POI file
August 18, 2017, 11:51:46
Thanks for the reply.
I agree with michaelbechtold, like the tool to generate the graph to be able to use GraphHopper offline, the generation of the database of POIs could be one or several script in which oneself have to get the source of the data.
Greetings and to vote ;) .
Troubles & Questions / Re: Import POI file
August 17, 2017, 13:26:36
Hello Menion.
Related to this topic, there are other threads in the help desk and forum:

In one of them (first), Petr commented that they are thinking about publishing the tool to use to create the database of POIs (LoPoints), in case of many votes. What idea would it be?
I wanted to ask you in what thread (the forum or help desk) can you follow the progress of this topic?
Thank you very much  :).
I think the limitation of the country selection is compensated by the possibility of generating the data based on a pbf file. In addition, it allows to have the updated data.
Hi good day.
Anything new with updating the GraphHopper plugin? Not long ago, version 0.9 was released.
Hello 0.7 version available from June.
You now have two profiles of "walking". A quick for the fastest way to do walking even main streets with sideways on either side and one hike that prioritizes safety and tourist attractions (as I understood forum).
I know Menion is making a great effort to integrate BRrouter, but GraphHopper is also a good tool.
Consultation, why is limited to 2 the number of intermediate points?
Hello everyone.
While I have made very few forum post, I am a member that I like to read discussions about new features and perhaps contribute ideas on the help desk.
In this issue of new blue buttons on the left, I favorable view of michaelbechtold. Today there is already a very good, practical and customizable method of adding actions (buttons) on panels (both top and left). It could also extend to the right pane.
In addition, these blue buttons to be thinner and longer, perhaps hinder their use in small screen devices or people with large fingers.
While it is not our (users) decision making of this or that form the right pane, if it is possible to think and Menion is in doubt, you could put together a survey (vote) at the help desk and know what everyone thinks users who do not read (or participate) in the forum.
Other features / Re: TTS voices
May 21, 2014, 15:40:12
Gynta Hi, I read the first post. But I have no way to upload a new file. Menion says that if a new language, it is not, you write. In this case I took a position as associate the file to add it to Google Drive.

Edit: I just saw as appending the tts folder to my Google Drive :). I did not know how to do it ... now I upload the file.
Other features / Re: TTS voices
May 21, 2014, 15:12:21
Hello everyone.
I have not tried the TTS yet, but the attached file for the Spanish Latin language version 1 :). Any suggestions or corrections are welcome.
Hello, I agree to requests in reply # 7 and # 8 in a sports tracking approach.
Another option regarding brightness, though somewhat laborious, is to install Power Toggles ( ... ainless.pc).

From there you can add a widget to the notification bar via a toggle to change the brightness. You have one that switches between maximum, medium and minimum one can choose values ​​for each, even if one chooses a mean value equal to the maximum or minimum is a switch between two values.

The good thing is that you can add different toggles with many functions.  :)

Congratulations gynta!
It has been really very good! :D

Greetings from Argentina.
Gynta Hello, thank you very much for change.  ;)

Excuse me but I was looking at the source and saw that the drink you've handled using a META tag-> REFRESH.  8-)
Sorry, not to be pushy  :oops: , but maybe (without knowing in detail the source code), you could handle refresh the page via javascript with something like:

var cant_sec = parseInt (document.getElementById ("lst_time_refresh"), 10) / / refresh time in seconds
setInterval (load, cant_sec * 1000);

hereiam.js where you start in the javascript code:

// original code
form.submit (function () {
    return false;

load ();

var read = 0;

// new code
form.submit (function () {
    return false;

var id_interval = 0;

var read = 0;

setRefreshTime function () {
    var cant_sec = parseInt( document.getElementById ( "lst_time_refresh" ).value, 10 ); //refresh time in seconds
    if( id_interval > 0 ) clearInterval( id_interval );
    id_interval = setInterval( load, cant_sec * 1000 );

We should also add the selection-list in the html code:

<select id="lst_time_refresh" name="lst_time_refresh" onchange="setRefreshTime();" >
    <option value="5"> 5 sec </option>
    <option value="10" selected> 10 sec </option>
    <option value="30"> 30 sec </option>
    <option value="120"> 2 min </option>
    <option value="300"> 5 min </option>
This would be the basis, I believe lack review and testing. It is only to make a suggestion.  :oops:

Greetings and thanks for the change to 90s!  :D
Hi gynta, could you send me a user for nick: tigus ?
Thanks, regards.

Thank you very much gynta.

Hello gynta, I tried the live tracking and re worked well! It's great!  :D  Congratulations.  ;)
I'd like to make a proposal that I think is lacking. You add a selection-list where you can choose the refresh map / position, to make it look more interactive, choosing from 5 seconds eg. I do not know if google maps api provides in something to help with this or is a full page refresh.
Greetings and thank you very much.