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With 0.12, the addon works perfectly. But now on github version 0.13 is only available. If it's not yet final, then I'll wait. The structure of the iffline data may however be final, may karrussel from gH project know.

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Menion, the addon needs update.
Just compiled a routing data using 0.13-SNAPSHOT and the structure isn't accepted (as I expected)

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Hello, I report a minor visual bug: in route planner, if the points stack is empty, the remove point button [-] isn't grayed which may act confusing. The geayed remove button always served me as quick indicator that I'm starting from scratch.

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Hello, I'm trying to distinguish icons by type within a single mapitems category.
Not using linked png file I rather want to assign the icon from external icons archive:


But it's not working, is Locus ignoring the element attributes for icon or is it different attribute I must set?
Quote from: Andy Tover on September 18, 2018, 00:19:01
Is the GraphHopper offline routing "project" dead?
No it is not. 0.12-SNAPSHOT is current version.
I'd be interested if turn costs and graph sorting collision was already sorted out.
That's comprehensible enough but just same as limited access is for me.
If limited access is understood as exclusion of some vehicles then it's accurate, no need to change imo.
Quote from: on August 03, 2018, 11:42:36
Bucky Kid: How do you roll back to 3.31.1 version?
I have backup in Titanium Backup
Hi, I notice some trouble with 3.32.0.
It seems not remembering properly the location of data folder root. After initial scanning it offers me available locations where I confirm the first (/sdcard/Locus/) and tick the box to don't ask again, however on other run it scans and asks again.
Now I'm back to Locus 3.31.1 and it handles storage location correctly.

Another minor dislike on new version is the missing confirmation on exit. Double tap back button can easily mismatch with long tap which is preset for forced close and loss of unsaved data.

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Thanks for all the input. Combined region now compiles successfully. There remains one issue and that is when I use sorting (graph.do_sort), the compilation ends up with error

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AssertionError: The turn cost storage must be initialized only once.
        at com.graphhopper.util.GHUtility.newStorage(
        at com.graphhopper.GraphHopper.postProcessing(
        at com.graphhopper.GraphHopper.process(
        at com.graphhopper.GraphHopper.importOrLoad(

If I turn off turncosts for calculation, the sorted data compile, so the two features probably cannot be used concurrently
Quote from: develar on June 18, 2018, 13:49:19osmium extract --overwrite --config=extracts.json --strategy=smart europe-latest.osm.pbf
Finally got everything to work, but this is not working, instead I had to uise

osmium extract --polygon extracts.json ....

or also works

osmium merge -o my-europe.osm.pbf country1-latest.osm.pbf country2-latest.osm.pbf country3-latest.osm.pbf ...

however anyway I brush up against problem of memory limitation so wasn't able to generate combined routing data even only for 3 countries, so seamless routing will only be possible by adding support for automatic region selection in graphopper app.
Thanks develar for updated link, do you know where to get Windows binaries for osmium tool?
I am unable to compile from sources.
@menion: I can't find the updated version, is it still here?

@develar: thanks for the method, my region is specific and not aligned exactly on country borders, so there will be probably a small target, and I use different set of wehicles
Is it somehow possible to generate single custom .pbf file based on own region in order to seamlessly cross the borders?
So Strava online maps will never again work? I still can view their maps via web interface as anonymous user.

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Currently I'm not able to view any heatmaps as overlay (neither as solo map).
Tiles report connection error, but maps available via Strava web. Can the maps source be updated? Thanks

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