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Quote from: "tommi62"Hi New Daddy (you're really a new daddy?),
here's some info about your question: ... img_to_sql
But there is no chance to run Locus on your phone.

1. Yes, I'm really a new daddy. I have been one for a few years though.  ;)
2. I had no idea I had iPhone as my phone. I have an Android phone, so I can definitely run Locus. I have Locus Pro in fact.

3. The link you posted seems like a how to on turning a vector .img map into a raster map. I'm interested in achieving two things, neither of which may be possible for now. First, I'd like to turn a vector .img map into a vector map for Locus, not a raster map.  Secondly, I'd like to convert routes, tracks, and waypoints in proprietary garmin formats to proper Locus format. Maybe waypoints are easier, but when you look into garmin .img maps, routes have additional information such as arrows, color, speed limit, etc. I'm hoping information like this is also properly incorporated in the converted Locus vector map. I guess this is more of a wishlist than a question.
Quote from: "jusc"
Quote from: "New Daddy"How about letting the user choose between layer change and digital zoom, which is what OruxMaps does?

It is already possible with Locus and multi layer maps (like opencycle map) too. Tap on right button at the bottom (zoom lock) and you get the digital zoom. This can be used with volume Up/Down hardware buttons for digital increseament of maps too. If you unlock the zoom you change with volume Up/Down the map layer.

You are absolutely right! Thanks!
Quote from: "menion"volume buttons zooms in same way as when you tap on +/- buttons on bottom bar

If I change it, there will be again opposite reaction, to allow set zoom by buttons to classic +- 1 layer system as now. So sorry, but this is not possible.

How about letting the user choose between layer change and digital zoom, which is what OruxMaps does?
I use the volume keys to zoom in and zoom out. I also noticed that when I use the volume keys, the increment is too large. Can you change the increment of zooming using the volume keys, like when you use pinch-zoom to zoom in and zoom out? (Pinch zoom lets you zoom in and out in smaller increments.)
Wishlist / 3D map
December 31, 2012, 02:17:15
Now that OruxMaps has gotten a very nice 3D functionality, I'd like to see Locus to catch up too.
Is it possible to convert a Garmin .img vector map to a Locus vector map?