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Can you please publish or send this theme to me. The website is down, unfortunately.
Many thanks Wolfgang!
The txt import seems to work just fine :) Locus never stops amazing me.  8)

do any of you use Locus with openflightmaps? I was curious if it would work with Locus and if so, then how.
The provider offers data as EPSG3857 tiles, mapbox tiles and geotiff, besides some -for me- totally unknown AIXM LH, ARINC424, OPENAIR, CUP formats.

Do you have info about this?

Voted for it, thanks!

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Hi menion!

Is it somehow possible to select an area and download hgt data for it? Like it is possible to do with maps.

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Oooo, thanks for the quick help!
I don't know when this has changed and where but I am happy because it is solvable :)

I have not been following the newest versions of Locus unfortunately but I have noticed a bug that may have started to appear in Locus. It can be a bug in the source website, in my code, or in Locus. I have tried my best to check the source code and it should not have changed important parts that could influence this phenomenon.

The problem: the geocache icons are replaced by the folder's icon in which they are imported

Steps to reproduce:
1: download my file:
2: import it into Locus (I have tried it with Locus Pro 3.5.3, Locus Free newest beta and different devices)
3: see the result:
All green and multi cache icons are gone and the brown info icons of the folder are present. If I changed the folder's icon then it was visible on the icons on the map as well.

(Don't mind the reddish screen it is because of the twilight app).

Menion if you have some time can you please look into this? As far as I know the source website has not changed since it was working properly (the last time that happened it was visible and came to the sunlight very fast) and my converter has not changed either. Nevertheless it can still be a problem that is not in Locus.

Hmmm interesting news and nice work! Can you please tell me how big the difference is between the new and the old version in say 10, 50 kms?
Under review / Re: Refresh of already cached tiles
February 08, 2015, 09:25:05
This is a really useful option! Reload area, reload specified zoom levels of it, it may be useful indeed.
Quote from: 0709 on January 31, 2015, 11:23:21
I personally do not like that design. They remember me to the cheapest hardware knobs ;-) ever sold in equipment. For outdoor app usage I absolutely prefer the previous squared "robust style" good visible (bigger) knobs. (Agree with Farina).

I agree with you, as I have written earlier. The whole material design is childish. (Not a fault of Locus, but still it makes this beautiful app less usable)

- The zoom in and out buttons are like cheap plastic (seen in announcement)
- A grey or dark grey theme would be a lot nicer instead of this blue colour.
- A lot of space is wasted (e. G. Tracks list)
- The satellites screen is really inconsistent as an example. (I know Menion is still working on the look of it)

But it could have the advantage I have seen in other programs that the user may easily change between a light or a dark theme. I guess that must be a somewhat built in feature of this material thing.
Wow gynta you are a really hardcore tester to spot this many issues. :-)
Good ideas, voted!
Locus deserves a nice office :-) congrats on the new hq!
I was thinking about it, and how about just changing the blue color that is visible all around to something that looks the same as the color in the previous versions?
Voted, thanks! :-)
(Well, that topic does not really match it's title, if it were renamed to 'support a dark theme' maybe it could receive more votes.)