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Maps / Re: Import and store of Custom KMZ Maps
« on: September 01, 2012, 23:00:45 »

I have some problems with latest Locus Free (had the same problems with last version, non with one before that).

Before problems started I was using some custom maps (.kml). I put them in /mapItems directory and everything worked as it should. After last update it stoped working. No custom map was showing. Even if i used import. Its the same with latest version. When i put my .kml (with all the maps) into that folder, nothing happens. Same after using import. Funny thing is that my phone starts to lag - that was normal when Locus was showing maps - but now, there are no maps on screen.

I tried reinstalling (and deleting all that was left behind) but without any luck.

My phone is SGS S2 with 4.0.3 android.

What am I missing?


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