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Hi, on my galaxy note2, Android 4.1.1, Fmw N7100XXALJ3, I have trouble in quick add route:
- add route no-quick method: OK, no limit
- add route quick methode: Locus exit sometimes at the 6, 7, 8 or 9th  points (sometimes more 23).
- add route no-quick method and quick method: no limit for quick methode, KO at the first point added with the quick method.

Same problem with or without the S-pen.
Ok, many settings I didn't noticed. It seems to be the result I want.
I will test it and check the battery consumption (It's for  2-day hike).
I have Locus Pro on my GalaxySand it's perfect for many of my usages. (Bike with OSM, Hiking, Follow a gpx, ...)
I would like to use it as a 'Spot' system: Send my position to my family every hours.
I found the sample of live tracking with google docs, and it works fine. It's exactly what I want. But actually, for big interval (30 min - 1h), the GPS seems to be still active (with the locus app minimized). It's too much battery consumed.
Is there a way to do:
0H: GPS disabled.
1H: Point to send, GPS awake
1Hxx: Till the GPS signal not acquired, GPS online
1Hxx: GPS disabled
2H: Point to send, GPS awake
2Hxx: Till the GPS signal not acquired, GPS online
2Hxx: GPS disabled