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Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
February 21, 2013, 06:29:51
Hello, when I start the app,  always need to login into gc account. In the past wasn't necessary.  The only change that I made is that now I'm premium member. There is any problem? Thanks I advance.

Quote from: "menion"I've installed TMNDrive and seems that problem is in this program. Locus only send information to system "hey, any application to navigate me on this: 'google.navigation:q=50.05180358886718,14.457901954650879'?" ... so it's problem in TMNDrive that incorrectly handle this request. Sorry ...

TMN Drive, Works with CGEO ( ... g&hl=pt_PT).
Maybe you can change the coordinate format of the request.

Because the request of CGEO is compatible with google maps and TMNDrive.
Maybe if you can di that, it will be perfect.
Thanks once more.
Well, i m using locus for geocaching and is awesome.
However, only send the correct coordinates for google navigation. TMN drive is offline and is very, but very good for navigation.
For example, google maps can use this tmn drive directly. Why don't Geocaching 4 locus?


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ok, just did it.

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Hello, i've re-send it again to">, just now.
Not solved in the last update :roll:
The log have already been sended. Thanks.

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Maybe the format of the instruction could be other, because neongeo was with this problem and they solved and now it works very well. Can you see this again?

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Hello, when I use "navigate to" it appears two options to use: google navigation and other GPS software that I've installed called tmndrive. The program works very well with google navigation, but with the tmndrive, that works offline, doesn't work. There's any solution? Thanks.