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thank you menion, this is really nice.
great, thanks.
If i understand your question correctly then, if i create an area on pc software then convert to kmz it will retain the coverd area data. not sure about gpx. improted area files to locus with area info is not necessary , not for me anyway because it is a known value, though i see how it can be very helpful for other people.

kmz sample of 36.72 acers/ total coverd area is 166.46 acers.
Right, got it, I don't want to rasterize my lines, so no need raster examples. I missed the -vector no good for sqlite- somewhere along the line. So then, like you said, osm. osm to map. I tried the shp to kml but it was too slow in locus with a large kml file.
example of shp file?  here's a small one.
I can translate to SQLite3 in ArcCatalog with the FME. No way to convert to the sqliteDB format.
Yes, I'm only interested converting my vector lines, no raster. I tried the osm in globalmapper to no success. I'm looking into quantumGis and ogr2ogr.

I'll look into FME, I messed around with Mapc2mapc a little and it hurt my brain.

Yes, sounds good. If I understand you correctly, it can be possible to store area info in a area created in locus? If you can do that it would be great, that is what I ment.
Will never use info with points over 500, or more than 100 hectors/250 acres, and polygon created outside of locus already have known values.
No Area Info.

only the length, points, created and max speed appear, but no Area info.
shp, e00 and gdb are vector, polygon and polyline data generated with ESRI ArcGis. These can be opened and converted into other formats such as KML/KMZ, MP, MapInfo, CSV and many others with software like GlobalMapper. But I have not found anything that can convert these shp, e00 and gdb file types to sqlitedb.
After I save a feature, and then press on the the feature (on te map)  "Selected items" menu appears, then I select the line feature then another menu appears with, "i" (information), Point, Guide On, Edit, ect. I select the "i" (Information) and see the information/propeties with the Length, Points, Created, Max. speed, ect. but no area info. Area info is visible when the line/area is created but area the info is not saved.  

Thanks for the save screen image tip! right there under my nose the whole time. :roll:
It would be nice to have the area info saved in the Information applet of created line.

The recent update of Locus is really great, I use it every day, really nice.
Is there a way to convert e00, shp and gdb to sqlitedb for locus?

I'm a bit of a tech-tard, I understand simple terms and explanations.
Implemented / Re: Measure Azimuth and Distance
January 02, 2012, 18:57:05
Yeah, thats nice.
Ok, you're correct. My oversight. I was thinking these were the last/current values of the last line/track made, not the total lenght value. In the future, I'll try to pay better attention. This is good, still intuitive.