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It's not even necessary to make a short video to compare with other applications so well Menion explained the phenomenon and the solution.
It is indeed a search for visual comfort that seems interesting.
Just something that slightly brakes the abrupt rotation of the map .... for example when passing a roundabout in a straight line.
The map begins to spin abruptly giving a headache.
Just a small clarification on the other apps I use: they are in 2.5D for Osmand and for the others all in 3D.
This tends to visually attenuate this phenomenon of sudden rotation.
I just did a navigation test in demo mode with Magic Earth with the view set to 2D and the result is that changes in direction are still smoother than in Locus map.
So I think Menion has captured what I've been talking about.

Currently I use the Locus Map classic version.
In order to be able to take advantage of all the new functions, I have just subscribed to the Locus Map 4 silver version. ;D
It's a real shame to confine Locup map to hiking and cycling activities.
So much work done for all these years to use only 50% of the possibilities of this application !!!
Competing applications manage many activities very well and without draining the battery of the device used.
I can take examples: Magic Earth or Mapycz.
it would be so simple to put this setting in the experimental zone with a warning about higher battery consumption.
It would also be nice to ask the right question: why aren't more motorcycle and car users using Locus map?
The answer seems obvious to me.
This is exactly what you explain Menion in your answer:
Correct of course is, that the app does not make a fluent movement between received GPS locations. This is to save some power. Most of devices receive location once per second, so the map should also move/refresh once per second. Is this what you are talking about "non-smooth progress"

If the app works like this for all users, is there a way to have an option to increase or decrease the "refresh" value of the GPS signal?
Because there for me the use of Locus map is just not possible on a motorcycle .... unless you are driving at 20 km/h.

It would be a shame if I couldn't use Locus map correctly, because the work that has been done on this application is just huge!
And I love all the customization possibilities and the amount of possible settings.
Quite Menion !!
When I'm in navigation mode, I feel like "the map is on a turntable" and some guy is kicking it with a quick spin on direction changes.
This is why I say that the movement is not fluid.
I use Locus map classic with my motorcycle and it's not easy to have jerky movements, whereas with osmand or magic earth the progress of the position cursor advances smoothly.
I reduced the "MAP MOVEMENT STEP" to 5.0px , but it doesn't change anything.
I specify that I have the Map hardware acceleration checked and the hold map center timeout set to 5s.
I also have the card which is set "in the direction of movement" .... which of course makes it turn and that I understand well .... but in fits and starts.
As for turning off the screen: I never turn off the screen!!!
I have a 3A power connection directly on the motorcycle and my devices have quite long battery life... So I don't need to save any energy and I use the screens at maximum brightness.
Hello everyone.
I bought Locus map Classic quite a while ago and I'm really having a hard time using it properly.
Let me explain: I use the application in offline mode.
My maps are stored in main memory.
So no latency for viewing.
When I launch a navigation with the map setting in the direction of driving, the progress is made by sudden and not in a fluid way, like on my other applications (osmand, magic earth, mappy cz).
So my question is; is this a normal operation with locus map classic? where did I miss something?
Thank you in advance for your answers.
Just one last clarification: I encounter this phenomenon on my two devices (Samsung tab active 3 and Doogee S86 pro).