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Web portal & sync / Re: Locus Map - cloud/sync server
September 10, 2020, 20:21:57
Hi  menion, hi Locus developers!
Thanks for all your efforts, I can´t test now, but I am exited to see it running.
Although I trust you, Locus guys, I relay do not trust Google or the other big Tech giants.
?  Will there be a possibility in the future to sync to my OwnCloud / Nextcloud Webdav server?
?  When approx will the final version be released?
Thanks, Sigi
Under review / ANT Hart rate + cadence + Speed
January 23, 2012, 11:43:11
Hello Menion,

The Support of ANT sensors would really be very great!
It would be great if you would also enable ANT sensors for Cadence and Speed, and Powermeters (for Biking)
free memory is not the issue 4GB free.
I will rename the file and try it again

I recorded a track and tried to save the recorded track by pressing the button STOP.
A message "working" appeared  (arbeitet in german )
Then the Message " unknown problem when saving a track (in German "unbekanntes Problem beim Speichern eines Tracks") apeared.
Nothing was saved.
- I Altered all the variable in the saving dialogue (Category, Name Line Style etc) nothing helped.
- I deleted the track and recorded a new on which I tried to save.
No success.

Please hel me!

Motorola Milestone 2
Locus 1.14.3 Pro
Ich finde die fehlende Bluetooth Unterstützung auch sehr schade.
Ältere Geräte hin oder her - Bluetooth GPS hat einige Vorteile wie besserer Empfang, weniger Akku verbrauch des Tablets/PDA,  TMC Funktion für Navi Programme etc.
Insbesondere weil bei mir alle anderen Programme funktionieren - aber Locus nicht - versteh ich das Problem nicht.
In meinem Post viewtopic.php?f=10&t=587#p6354 habe versucht die Probleme einzugrenzen, bis jetzt leider keine Reaktionen.
Gibt es jemanden bei dem Bluetooth GPS Geräte funktionieren?
Troubles & Questions / Re: External Bluetooth GPS
September 17, 2011, 13:27:43
Hello Forum,

On my Archos 70 I have big trouble with Locus Pro 1.13.1 and a Bluetooth GPS.
Locus is the one and only GPS App which makes troubles on my device.

The following Bluetooth GPS apps work on my device without any problem:
- Maverik
- OruxMap
- Google Map
- GPS Status
- Navigon
- OSM And
- OSM Tracker
I can switch between the programs and every program reports the correct position.

The Locus GPS engine does loose the position after some minutes (or seconds) or it does not even find the position.
This is NOT a problem of the Bluetooth GPS while all the above programs work at the same time and the same conditions.
On the satellite page of Locus (when position is lost):
- The satellite page does not show any satellite (although the BT GPS has a PGS fix and other GPS apps show >5 fixes satellites)
- Sometimes the latitude seems to be correct but the longitude value is 00 00 000

When using any of these above apps with the Bluetooth GPS, a green GPS-Icon appears on my status row.
NOT so in the Locus app:
Even if the BT-GPS is recognized for some minutes and shows the correct position, there is no green GPS symbol in the status bar
@menion: do you use a different GPS engine then these above programs?
? how about changing that? Could that solve the problem?

- When starting the app on a fresh booted device, the Locus GPS engine sometimes gets the
- I can not reproduce situation when it finds the position or not
- reboot of the device seems not to help
- A guess is, that using other Bluetooth GPS apps and switching back to Locus does disturb the Locus GPS.

As I searched through the forum and found the following threads describing the same problem:

Locus won't move to my current location
Last Post with error report:  Aug 17, 2011 9:24 pm

External Bluetooth GPS

Nutzung eines externen Bluetooth GPS

Lags during navigation.
Last Post with error report:  Sep 06, 2011 6:43 pm

Locus and Bluetooth
Last Post with error report:  Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:24 pm

Please fix that problem soon as the app is nearly useless on my Archos which has no internal GPS.