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updating elevations on mobile app and sychronizing with cloud doesn't help.
mobile android app shows elevation correctly, new routes shows app correctly in web app too. Just whole my library (ready for Pacific Crest Trail) lost elevation... So far the only solution for me is to create routes from scratch... We speak about 4300km in 29sections.
If it helps - I just zoom in and out to identify various details. No rerouting, just zooming. For about four months the same almost every day. Most of routes were created by me year ago in this web app. When reading the info shown at different positions at hidden elevation graph, sometimes it shows not certain 'meters above the sea", but "null m". Randomly.
elevation profile from web app dissapeared, I can see just grid, lowest and highest point and as I move mouse, label with elevation profile. Same at Chrome, Edge, after clearing viewer cache and memory. Nothing helps.
54 days before take off to Seattle to start Pacific Crest Trail, this is a real problem for my planning.
Please help.
Edit: this happened to my entire library (higher tenths of routes). New routes shows elevation profile correctly.
POI's / Pacific Crest Trail
December 09, 2022, 21:28:39
Hello, I prepare myself to Pacific Crest Trail. Could anybody advice me how to import or where to get POIs of this trail? Thanks a lot