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Hi folks,
This seems to be a long-running thread so I'll try posting here first. It's exactly the topic I have as I try and learn how Locus Maps work.

I intend to import routes onto an android tablet, for in-car use. SO I have gone for the Premium Android app, on the basis that it allowed the use of the PC planner.

I assumed (maybe a bad idea) that I could import, edit, and then save routes on the PC, and then transfer or sync. them to my device. I'm of an age where I much prefer to use a 19" screen, and a mouse, rather than fat, old thumbs on a small phone screen.

I tried to import a route - all good, it appeared on the map. Then I tried to save it, and a drop down appeared asking for a "folder" - but it wasn't active and I couldn't select a folder, therefore I couldn't save the route or my changes.

Am I just trying to do the wrong thing, and that the planner really doesn't have much of a function at all, and that I'll need to find another desktop programme to do the offline route editing work?