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I translated this topic using google translate and I must admit ńĆelda is 100% right. Sorry I will be write in English ;) I completely don't understand people who is buying a Garmin devices (without android firmware). They are expensive and lack of functionality. Locus is the winner, there is no doubt. So if Locus is "a must have" application, there must be a device with android os. We have choice, for example:
Garmin device:
with a such crazy price  :o 
Somebody who want Garmin in this case is out of his mind ;)
It's not problem with volume. Volume is max all the time. Please read my issue posted on the, there is some additional information. There is not problem only with navigation, ALL text to speech features not working in new locus.
Thank's but it helped for a short time. When I turned on navigation voice commands work quite well, but it stopped without reason and remain silent. In last beta version everything works fine.
After update to version 3.0 text to speech stopped working.
There is missing geocaching option for field notes: always log offline.
"Everyone wants fast access to different features".
I agree, but there are more important and less important features during caching. In my opinion "hint" and "log visit" buttons are most important and should be placed in bottom buttons line on geocache screen instead of less important "map button". It would be perfect to decide myself which button (feature) should be placed on sidemenu and which on bottom buttons line. But I can imagine there is a much more work for you to make it configurable. I count on polling at least.
I agree with balloni55, geocache right panel is OK, but to insert there a "hint" button and "Log visit" button is not a good idea. First thing: there is one more tap to get to hint information or Log visit action.
Second: menu button is far far away from my thumb, and with large phone screen there is not easy to operate one hand (right).
Third: "hardware" menu button is not active.
I strong vote to bring back mentioned buttons to its old place.
post moved to topic "Test version from GooglePlay over Google+"
QuoteSeems this happen to users, that never logged a cache before with current version of Locus. So not to current users, but only to new one (or users that do not used this feature for a long time).
I can't confirm this. I use this functionality quite often.
OK, I don't know html much but maybe there is possibility to dynamically change picture width to fit screen width using html or browser options? Possibility to zoom in/out should stay.
Pictures and spoilers presented in 'pictures' tab are prepared to view on PC screens. That's why there are often too big on small smartphone screens. I know there is possibility to double tap to zoom out a view but I think better solution is to add a constant width parameter to images.html in Locus data directory.

.... <img src="7a4a855f-dca6-4b34-9c1e-64d8486e4bb3.jpg">......
.... <img src="7a4a855f-dca6-4b34-9c1e-64d8486e4bb3.jpg" width="320">....

where "320" is example phone screen width.
As in subject. When I click a post button, main page of Locus getsatisfaction shows and nothing more.
I've notices a similar problem ( in 'pictures' tab. There is a vast empty area on the right next to pictures. Site is 2 or 3 times wider compare to pictures width. Is there possibility to solve this problem without breaking a geocache description tab (site). The empty area vanish when I tap zoom+  and then zoom-.
In new beta  selections of the map items are not visible.
When I tap on the map item nothing happens.
In 2.16.0 was ok.

I think there is a lost function in both versions - center map?
Yes, as far as I know there is no other player for android.