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Go, go, go ...    :)
I have ordered now a Fenix 5, so if you need testers ...  8)

Best regards,


Quote from: menion on March 18, 2019, 14:20:36
not now ...

but maybe in future ... :)

could I use the locus maps on a Garmin Fenix 5x watch?
I am used now to the locus map style, but a smart watch like the Fenix has during hiking also some advantages if you just want a quick look whether you are still on the right track. Also the  gpstracking time with 32h on the the Fenix 5x plus is much longer than on a "normal" smartphone.

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Tanks for the feedback!

Please go, go, go I am really missing this pcs of information.
But for the moment I just update the maps from time to time which I am using frequently.

Best regards

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so with one of the last locus versions, I was migrated to the new locus vector map store and my donwload account was converted into the new store "currency".

So far so good. But what I am missing is now the information when new maps of my exisiting allready downloaded maps are available. In the past when I was entering the download area I got a information which of my maps have a newer version and than I could download those ones.

This was quite helpfull and I am missing this at the moment - or I do not figure out the right handling of the new system.

I would like to see a table like this:

Existing maps on device Version - New map Version anch a check mark for update.

I have a good amount of downloaded maps (all Europe, North America, and some Asia) so going through one by one would be a pain.

I also hope that the new system is taking "volume discount" somehow into consideration that I can keep updating the maps I have ???   ;-)   (I always bought the largest download volume ...  I am a "hunter and collector and like to "travel on maps")

Best regards


Troubles & Questions / Re: User defined POI database
November 03, 2013, 17:59:49
Quote from: tommi on November 03, 2013, 17:52:20
Quote from: dreamteam on November 03, 2013, 17:48:36
What does "GIS" mean?
Geographic Information System

Many thanks!
You are right - this sounds what I mean.

If you need a test person for the new version please let me know

Best regards


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Troubles & Questions / Re: User defined POI database
November 03, 2013, 17:48:36
Hi menion,

many thanks for your reply!

What does "GIS" mean?

Do you mean a separate add-on app for locus like the geocaching for example?

Best regards

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Troubles & Questions / User defined POI database
November 02, 2013, 16:36:53

not sure whether this is discussed already.

I want to use to make a catalog of my farmland. For example mark all fruit trees we have (apple, plum peaches, etc). So I would like to create a "Tree database" with userdefined icons for each type of tree but also the content of the database cells. For example to predefine the cell for the typ of tree with tree types I have, another cell should have a ID number, age, health, harvest over the years and much more.

Do I need to program such a thing or is there somewhere a database creator/editor which is allowing me such a thing on a user level?

Is there a recomendation for a icon creator program? That I can create my own icons for POI?

Another example would be a database with icons for the infrastructure of the farm land, such as springs or forest or feeding stations for the wild animals

At the end I want to synchronize the data with a PC or the Cloud that each family member could update the data and could add data, so that over time the information is growing

Best regards,

ok - I guess I found the problem - I think this happened already in the past:

For some reason locus created another folder on the internal memory card and ignored therefore the locus folder on the external one. As far as I remember this happend in the past allready and than a version had a "warning meassage" that 2 locus folder were found during startup. But this warning meassage was removed in a later version.

Anyhow I deleted the locus folder on the internal memory card and than locus recognized the right folder on the external sd card again.

I think I would feel better if you would re-add the function that ALL memory locations are scanned for a locus folder and if there are more than 1 than a meassage is poping up.

Best regards,

after update to 2.17.0  locus does not find the locus folder on the external card any more.

Galaxy Note 2 device.

Best regards,


PS: If possible please advice quickly because I am starting traveling this weekend and downloaded all neccessary offline maps already
came back home and played with mapc2mapc a bit and it was working great to bring my large picture into locus!!!!

Great tutorial by the way!

Could I handle different overlayes in the map?

1 layer for the plain map picture
1 layer for the outside borders
1 layer for the topografik "hight lines"


Best regards,


Hi menion,

I also have a very large picture file which I would like to use within locus.

Is my understanding correct that only the calibration is a problem and not to show and use the large image?

I have 2 sizes, the smaller one  with a scale 1:2500 is 12000 x 10000 pixel and 15MByte and the other one is even larger because the scale is 1:1000, but it is not 1 picture but 4 which I have to combine.

It is a "orthofoto" (including the topografic "height" lines) with the borders and I would like to use locus to mark special points on the map - for example we would like to register all of the fruit trees (apples, plums, etc) and collect the data from the trees (approx age, the condition, the type, etc)

Best regards


Quote from: "menion"current version of On board calibrator will for sure crash with this image. I wasn't sure how much people use this feature so it's not best. Currently it need to keep whole image in memory at once to be able to calibrate it. It's not of course best, but it's a way how it works now .. so I also suggest to check mapc2mapc which should be able to create nice map directly for a locus (or any other program)
I  had a empty locus folder on my internal card - from the problem some versions ago if you remember - but the real locus folder with all data and settings is on the external memory card.

I deleted now the empty folder on the internal card let's see what will happen

Best regards

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Quote from: "gynta"
Quote from: "dreamteam"..After updating my vector maps..
..from the Locus store?
Yes of course
not quite sure whether this is a real problem but it happened to me now the 2nd time:
After updating my vector maps the map file which I was actually using is corrupt.
I was using Austria and after the update there is a error message that the Austria map is not working.
In fact it is not existing.
I am absolutely sure that I was downloading and extracting the Austria map during the updating procedure.
Last time I was updating the maps I remember that it was the same problem - different locus version.

Double checked:
The file name of the Austria vector map is existing but the file size is 0
Ok - Austria is small - but not that small...  ;-)

Best regards
Back to normal with 2.10.1

Best regards

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Same on my side!

I am getting also another error when I am trying to download a vector map saying that it is forbidden

Best regards

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