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I didn't update my android, so it's not that.  Locus all of a sudden forced me to choose an alternate storage location with a pop up,  and now I have lost all my settings and routes. I restored the routes with cloud sync but now all my icons are gone. My offline maps see also gone.

Troubles & Questions / undo for web planner?
« on: November 27, 2021, 04:15:41 »
Can't seem to find the undo for editing a route on the web version.....

sometimes I will accidently move a point incorrectly and the whole route is recalculated.......

I just want to edit part of a route and it screws it all up....and the delete point option is no help.;..

where is the undo?



cheers :)

so generally speaking use online tile-maps for OSM if you want the latest, and offline vector for no 4G/5G

Is there an online vector version of OSM??

Hi, as per my subject line.

I did some edits on Open Street Map to reflect new trails......

when will the offline vector map (which I assume is using OSM data) get updated?



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