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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
August 05, 2021, 15:47:49
Thank you for the work about webplanner.
Big screen planification is a real plus.

This a lot of work but why not creating a "joint venture" with existing webplanner (i.e. Route you ?). Recreating all existing is a lot of work and this time can be optimized.

For me, it's important to have same map on both "world", i.e. Open cycle map

Best regards and thanks for the android app very usefull.

Thanks. It is exactly what i need.

To help other people, this option have to be explan on the manual section.

Best regards

Hello !
I'm searching for a solution to locally update a gpx track imported with only localized recalculation.
I have long GPX file imported from other planner software to my android Locusmap application.
In some part of it I discover error and want to change it.

For these modification i want use "Route re-planning"
If I add directly a shaping point, recalculation is done on all the track (no other shaping points existing).

What I need is adding two shaping points on existing track, before any modification or recalculation.
These shaping points will be by definition "on the track" and will delimit the modification.
After this, I can modify anything between this two shaping points, with routing system, without modification out of these two  limits.

Is it possible to do this on Locus Map ?

Best regards !

Flabb17 (happy user of gold version on android)