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Troubles & Questions / Re: text too thick/unreadable
« on: April 08, 2021, 21:12:45 »
@freischneider thank you for solution. It works like hell. I have never known about possibility to exclude application in Dark Mode on Xiaomi phone ;-) It is a pity I lost dark theme in menu only...
@Menion Even this Dark Mode is own Xiaomi implmentation it works on LM 4.0 correctly but probably you made plenty of work to do it. There is black label instead grey/white (3.x) even Dark Mode is on

Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion (pre-release)
« on: April 08, 2021, 21:03:36 »
Thank you @freischneider and @Menion.
If there is a possibility to stay on Pro version I am very satisfied. Yes, LM 3.x looks more stable and polished than 4.x but I understand it is early stage for new version.
My proposal with "Bronze" option even is less sustainable model for you but it is better than kept classic user with Ads on without a cent in my opinion. Mayby it can be time offered for example 3 years as you wrote about MS.
I like LM for planer and good maps. More things I prefer with my Garmin device so why I try to search option to support your work and my needs
Once again thank you for your hard work, great app and passion in creating this application

Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion (pre-release)
« on: April 08, 2021, 18:33:45 »
The final phase in creating Locus Map, version 4.

Today/tomorrow will be published a final version of LM4 into the public Beta channel on Google Play of Locus Map (Free) app. All systems are now up and ready.

Because I've not yet decided how Beta versions will be published, for now, this will be a regular public version that requires an active subscription. So no features will be unlocked like it was till now.

Final status
Locus Map Free > will be renamed to Locus Map (version 4+)
Locus Map Pro > name remains for now as is (for a month or two) till we will be 100% sure, LM4 is stable and perfectly working. Then it will be rename to Locus Classic. Version continue in 3.5+ row.

Final prices and comparison of functionality if you are interested: here. Silver tier is close to the current Locus Map Pro, but gives few bonuses, so something like the "Pro+" version.

Pro users
Locus Map 4 = Locus Map Free - so it remains like before, you may have both apps installed at once (Locus Map, Locus Classic). If data are stored in the root of the internal memory, data will be shared without any worry (for now, in September 2021 things starts to be more complicated, thanks to Google)

Pro users anyway receive one year of the Silver for free or Gold with a 50% discount, which both compensate the price of the Pro version.


How to use Beta versions
- how to. The text is old but the bottom part with "What to do to become a tester" is perfectly valid.
- latest version wins, so a new regular update will update your Beta version and opposite
- settings, data, subscription, all remain untouched no matter which version you use!

Discount on the purchase as Pro user
- essential is, to use the Pro version logged into Locus Store with the same account you will use in the LM4
- steps: open in Locus Map Pro > menu > Locus Store. Check in the side panel account
- start Locus Map 4 > menu > Locus Store and check, the account is the same
- if you do not see the "Exclusive" offer, immediately send me PM with your email, I'll check it

Hi Menion,
I do not know it is good place on Forum to give my point of view about it but forgive me if not.
I have bought LM 3.x last month and I have found that some changes there are here.
As you wrote above current user can migrate to new 4.x version but....
I do not like and can not find out to subscription model. There is more people thinking in this same way. Mayby I am too old but it is why I always must search new services/product where is one paid model available.
I would like to stay here because your product is really fine.
Of course, I fully understand this business model of keeping labor costs, but even Microsoft with its Office suite still supports the Box version for one price...
So finally  ;) my question is: can you consider new, for example "bronze plan" with one fee (to calculate) where you have a classic version with "No Ads" and route plan enabled for current Pro users. So it would be possibility to chose which version bronze,silver or gold we want in migration plan.
Thank you for your attention

Troubles & Questions / Re: text too thick/unreadable
« on: April 08, 2021, 17:55:42 »
I have similar problem with Locus Map Pro 3.x I have bought last month.
My device is Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro with "dark mode" enabled.
The points label is grey with white fonts and it looks totally unreadable as it looks on picture.
The second picture is from version 4.x this great application
For LM 4.x it is resolved so I hope it is easy to implement in 3.5 as well. Is there a chance to correct it in LM 3.x version?


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