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Hi, I also just found out that the routes were taken down from the Locus store. Indeed, what a pitty! I really liked this cooperation between my favorite hiking guides publisher and my favorite hiking app. So if there is any chance to bring the cooperation back alive that would be highly appreciated!
Just wanted to thank you for the new version. I immediately switched to Gold and now enjoy the internal offline route planner which works (in my perception) much faster than the external, BRouter solution. This is one of the greatest and most versatile outdoor apps available, indeed!

Just as a minor remark: When downloading a new LoMap in the Locus-Store, I'm every time a little bit uncertain whether I need to download first the map, than the elevation data and (since LM4) the offline routing data (assuming that I want all of this data). Or whether the last two datasets (elevation data and offline routing data) are already included in the overall map download. Maybe make this more explicit in the translation? "Additional download of elevation data / offline routing data" etc. And if the data has been already downloaded, grey out the download arrows next to the options (or replace the arrow by an update symbol similar to this one:
(i filed the above as idea in the issue tracker since I assume you have more urgent things to do)