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I found it, it was operator error (i.e. me)
I had not installed Dropbox on the new phone.
Once I installed it and logged in with my email and password, it works perfectly
I've got a new Android (uleFone Armor 12) with Android 11.
Trying to move LM Classic to the new phone. Nearly all is working.
One small thing:
when I record a track, and save it, it seems to work fine.
But when I select "share to GPX" it shows a new "share" screen with "Dropbox, Add to Dropbox" as one of the choices along with Evernote, Drive and Gmail.

when I select Dropbox, it clears the screen and goes back to the track information page
with the "share" icon at the bottom. I can circle thru these few pages forever.

Is there some "Dropbox" setup that I am missing on my new phone?

The CAT engineer asked me to do a test running Glympse and Locus Map for a half hour while sitting at home. So I did. Glympse does not generate a log, so while it was running, there is nothing to see.

I had Locus Map generate both the GPX and NMEA files. Attached. (NMEA file is big, so I gzip'd it.)
I was also running Google's GnssLogger, that log is too big to attach. Let me know if you want to see it and I'll put it on Dropbox
I'll pass that on to the CAT engineer.

BTW, the lat/long here are identical in the two quoted lines
Short: I don't know.
The last time I see in the GPX file is 21:08:16.892Z. Since I'm in the US Eastern zone, this is 4:08 PM

The trip was from about 2:30 PM (19:30z) to 4:10PM  (21:10Z)
for a portion of the time, I was sitting in a dentist's chair, stopped. So the GPX file last record time is consistent. I was inside, but I would expect some GNSS reception.

Sorry, but this is consistent with the main issue, there are simply blocks where there are no recorded measurements.
I recently bought a CAT S42 smartphone to replace a many year old CAT S41 phone that is dying. Figured it was the next model in the line, should work as well with LMP as the S41 did. No joy. I returned the first S42 due to GPS problems, got a replacement and see the same issues. Debugging and problem isolation on this has been a real challenge.

It would be much simpler to just return the S42 and buy some other brand/model that is known to work well with LMP.

My usage is that I ride dirt bikes (motorcycles) in the boondocks. I use LMP for navigation, and for track creation for future rides. I need a solid, reliable GPS. Its got to be rugged, since I crash the bike a lot. I've destroyed 3 or 4 normal smartphones before I got my S41. Speed, style and price are not major drivers for me. It has to work great with Locus Map Pro.
Quote from: michaelbechtold on December 14, 2020, 10:57:40
As only a comparison between raw data and Locus can point the right direction for analysis, you have to wait until you do this exercise again, then compare.

Success. Or repeated failure.
Here is a session from today where I have a GPX file created by LMP with only 19 "<time" stamps
but the raw NMEA log shows over 900 $GNGGA lines.

I'll try to attach both files.
Sorry, I was unclear.
I have no good data of a case where the GPX data is missing parts, where I also have the NMEA data.
This NMEA data was from a 20 mile trip within suburban Philly. Both the LMP GPX file and the NMEA data are complete.

I also have run Google's GNSS logger.
which records all the raw data. But again, only on a 20 mile local trip.

The issue happens when I drive two hours, get on my dirt bike and ride in areas out in the boondocks.
Here is a list of all the keywords in my NMEA test file:

There are 3305 of the $GNGGA sentences. Attached.
Got it. It was 4.5 mb in a short run
I don't have any of your $GPGGA sentences, but I've got thousands of $GNRMC

I made this test driving to my grandkid's house to pick them up. Phone using battery. LMP on "run as service" There is great cell service, most of the trip is along Interstate I76 into Philadelphia.
Quote from: michaelbechtold on December 12, 2020, 17:02:36
Did you have a look at the NMEA log file? If that has the missing points, then share it with Menion.

I turned on the NMEA log. How do I access the resulting file?
The track "share" options say "share as GPX" but there is no mention of any other format file
Where might it be?
Sorry, I did not have NEMA turned on for this session.

I have noticed that the GPS works fine when on USB power, such as when I'm using Waze to navigate to the riding area. Most of the trip is on Interstates and there is always good coverage.

When I'm riding, there is no external power, and there is effectively no cell coverage. Its in the middle of nowhere, old coal mining area where the mines closed down decades ago. A big town in the area has maybe 10,000 people, the little ones have a few hundred folks. Not enough population to encourage the big cell phone services to cover the area.
Not good news. I got a replacement S42, and setup power and location. Rode my motorcycle on a nearly four hour ride with LMP recording. Over 3:41 there were only 22 "trkpt" entries in the GPX file. I've attached the entire file (its small, since it has very few points)

When I test on local trips around the neighborhood, LMP seems perfect. But when the phone is not powered by a USB feed, and its 100 miles from home, it only occasionally records points.

I'm at a loss. I was sure that getting  a replacement smartphone would solve my problem.
That is a good point. I've also been having the same issue (missing points, long time between locations) on Glympse, another Android application
I have no idea why some times were just thrown out. I was also recording a track on my Garmin GPSmap 64ST, and it had no issues, no missed points. It was set to the default "car" setting. I'll change it to your values for my next session.

I've riding a dirt motorcycle. The land is old coal mine land, valleys and ridges. No buildings at all. Usually open sky for good satellite visibility. Of course, sometimes you are along the side of a ridge, so there is solid rock blocking sky visibility to one side

I'm running LMP "as a service" if that makes any difference. I thought it might help keep the operating system from messing with it.

I can try turning on NMEA style output. Other than the format of the data file, what difference does that make?