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Yes, I can set up quick access to lots of functions in LM. But there is no order in that. When I used 3-4 functions, they were on the sidepanel, it was very convenient. But when the number of functions used increases, it is difficult to remember, whether I put them in the main menu, or in the quick action menu, or maybe on the sidepanel, but I forgot what it looks like its icon. Oruxmap has all the track-related functions under Track button, navigation-related functions under Navigaion button, so you don't need to memorize anything.
Hello, Menion,

Could you reduce the size of the sidebar buttons so they look like in LM3? they take up too much space.

Could you add folders to the sidebars? So that other shortcuts can be added to folders. Space on the screen and in the main menu is limited, but the number of functions in LM seems to be unlimited)) When I first used LM, this thing seemed strange to me: if I need function that is not on the side panel I need to do a lot of clicks, for example "Main menu -> All features -> Tracks & Routes -> Tracks & Routes manager", it's 4 clicks!! As far as I remember, Orux maps have several main menu buttons on the map screen (e.g. Map Tools, Track Tools) with a submenus, so "Track Tools" (button on the main screen) -> "Track manager" (submenu item) - takes only 2 clicks!! Current LM system, when some random functions are in the quick main menu, some random functions are in the sidebars, some functions are in the quick action menu, and some functions that I didn't placed in the sidebar are so deep in the main menu that I forget about they existance, this is a mess for me, I would make my own oruxmap-like menu based on sidebars if it will be possible to create folders on the side panels. By the way, what do you think about oruxmap-like menu (with 2 clicks to every function)?
map scroll/zoom now faster and more smooth , thank you!