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Some precisions about my problem in chapter 2) [I can't add a missing navigation instruction in my route]

In User Guide -> Chapter "Track/Route editing" -> Section "Editing navigation commands" -> Paragraph "Adding"

=> its says I should do the following : open the route in route planner -> tap the place where I want to add navigation point -> select "Change to navigation point".

But that is the problem : when I tap any place on the route, the point selected is NOT a simple trackpoint ; it is selecting a red circle (empty) ; and the menu associated to this point is NOT proposing a menu "Change to navigation point" : it is more like the menu of a Segment Point (showing a graph + button "Recalculate").

In other words it looks like my route is made only of a succession of segment points, which can't be changed into Navigation points. I remind this route was initially coming from an impoted GPX track ; may be this is the reason why ?? I feel lost anyway... :-)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Heart rate alarm ?
June 20, 2020, 11:55:09
OK, thanks. I activated a report showing some information in transparency over the map, including Heart Rate. It works well !

These methods are difficult to me. So I'm trying very progressively. I started with the first method, given by @menion at the beginning of this post : taking my imported track, making a copy of it not forgtting to enable "Add navigation prompts" => the copy is now a Route including some navigation hints (tiny blue dots - not so easy to be seen on my blue line : - ) created automatically. Then I need to make some improvements on the navigation hints/instructions myself.

1) Directly from the main map display screen (i.e. not Route Planner), I can Delete some unuseful navigation hints and I can Modify the direction instruction ("trun to the right"...) of some useful navigation hints. It works perfectly well, super ! Just I have to be courageous because I have to tap (click) 9 times per hint point to be modified. For a 32 km route it took me a very long time and it put me under pressure honnestly. At the beginning of this post, @0709 says : "in old versions it was easy to add, change or remove a navigation instruction at any single trackpoint location".
Question 1 : would it be possible to have an ergonomy improvement (i.e. optimize the number of clicks) ? It would be wonderful :-)

2) To just add a missing navigation hint (I just need to add a missing instruction), I really do not succeed. I open the Route in the route planner and I try everything I can, reading again and again the user guide, but unsuccessfully alas. Sometimes I think it works because I can change a point into a navigation point and I can select the direction instruction. But in the end when I want to save my modifications, the app wants to delete the initial Route...
Question 2 : could someone eplain me little step by little step how to add just a direction instruction (or just a navigation hint) in an existing route ?

Thanks for your help !

PS : in the navigation instructions menu, the fact that the icon and the voice are grouped together automatically is really good ! That's not the case in some other advanced apps...
Troubles & Questions / Re: Heart rate alarm ?
June 12, 2020, 11:10:54
OK, installed, thanks !
Troubles & Questions / Heart rate alarm ?
June 11, 2020, 22:25:50
My heart rate sensor is connected in Bluetooth ; is it possible to set an alarm on the Heart Rate monitoring (ringing when my heart rate is too high) ?
Thanks !
OK, I'll try to follow precisely. Is there any option to do it on a PC or only possible on the smartphone ?
I moved Locus Map app from the SD card to the internal memory of my Android smartphone. It went well, nothing was broken :-). And now the sleep & wake-up works perfectly well : screen going to sleep after 30 second and waking up at each navigation event. Thanks !
Now I'm wondering if the maps were moved to the internal memory as well or if they remained on the SD card...
@poutnikl : you wrote "to display that track and to create BRouter track in the Route planner along the provided track" => you mean to create the Route by placing the hint points myself along the displayed (GPX) track (one by one), or you mean using a precise feature with BRouter which could place some hint point automatically along the displayed (GPX) track ?
It works well now. But I didn't understand the interest of it. Since I have Locus map open to follow the navigation along a route, I didn't get the interest of lauching the recording from outside of the app. What do people like usually with the widget ?
Thanks !!
Really really dummy, in fact...  :o
Question from a dummy : I have Locus Map Pro and I can't find the widget for track recording (I find the classical recording interface only). Where can I launch it ?
Thanks !
The one I used is "Service 1". Locups Map user guide says : "Locus Map automatically generates navigation commands along the route in places of the most remarkable direction changes." This is what I thought was delegated to BRouter or GrapHopper. But I get your point that is is not delegted, i.e. it is done by Locup Map itself directly.
OK, I'll play and try  ;). Not tonight, tomorrow  ;D
Free chat / Re: Waoo effect
June 02, 2020, 21:34:00
To me a good tool is a tool making easier to live your passion :-). I realized sometimes I was spending a Sunday afternoon preparing a route on a computer instead of hiking or MTBiking... When you think about it, it's a pity, isn't it ?

That's the reason why the GPX tracks sharing is increasing exponentially. It's demultiplying the possibilities to live your passion and its reducing the time you need to spend in searching and preparing.

Only "maps-passionate people" and advanced users spend hours to prepare some routes. They are not a big number of them compared to the mass of people who just want to hike & bike easily. The big market is on the side of the simple & easy-to-be-used apps, which are having an exponential development.

But these simple apps do not offer real navigation - I mean with direction arrows and voice. And in MTB this becomes a blocking point (you don't have time to look at your screen often, it's just not possible). So in MTB you need  real navigation, so you have to invest time in creating some routes... which is a pitty since tons of MTB GPX tracks are published already (in particular by the MTB sites managers in mountains).

Here comes Locus Map Pro with its feature "Navigate along a route" which you can apply directly on an imported GPX track (placing the navigation points for you automatically, based on the line direction changes detection) !

Honnestly I find it very acceptable, considering the time saved. Yes it is telling you "turn to the right" even when it is just a curve and not a real direction change. But I got used to it after 15 kms (isn't the woman's voice charming ?! : -)). If you just accept it, it's ok, I mean you are really well voice-guided and can concentrate on piloting your MTB , you nearly don't have to look at the screen (which is what you need in MTB).

Few improvements could be interesting :

1) Offer to parametrize the automatical routing generation : the user could define the minimum angle below which the tool is not considering a direction change (e.g. below 45° let's consider it is not a direction change)

2) Offer a real feature called "Convert a GPX track into a navigable route" so then you can modify the automatically-generated route (add or remove some navigation points). Same way as described by Menion but packaged in a dedicated function (see in this post : => open track detail and press  tools > Make a copy => in copy dialog, do not forget to enable "Add navigation prompts" => open copy of the track and in bottom menu choose "Route planner" => in the Route planner, you may then quite simply remove existing navigation points or add a new (by tapping on the trackpoints)).

Well, I was more talkative than BRouter and GraphHopper grouped together !!  ;D
OK ! I'll try to move Locus Map from the SD Card to the internal memory. Do you think it may move the downloaded maps as well ?? (in that case there is not enough space in my inrernal memory)