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I'm very happy with the last update of the Geocaching4Locus addon and Locus!! Thanks for solving this. It works flawlessly now!
Hi Menion,

I just tried without the id attribute. It doesn't work. Only the the waypoints are visible and all cache info is lost then. The source is Geocaching4Locus. I import caches into a point list and export from there to GPX compatible with Garmin option. If this is Geocaching4Locus problem please tell me how to proceed.

Yesss I found the problem!  :D  Much simpler then expected. Fortunately it's NOT the CDATA. It's an id that must be unique and is always filled in with "0" at the moment:
All are:
<groundspeak:cache id="0" available="True" archived="False"  ...

and should be unique:
<groundspeak:cache id="0" available="True" archived="False"  ...
<groundspeak:cache id="1" available="True" archived="False"  ...
<groundspeak:cache id="2" available="True" archived="False"  ...

I would be very greatfull if you could fix this in a new version.

Can be. I noticed that the first cache was fullly accepted including user logs (with CDATA). I tried with only 2 caches in 1 gpx and still only the first got accepted. I also noticed that if other waypoints were included (e.g. for parking) they were also visible on my Garmin. Maybe an XML validation tool shows inconsistencies?
I tested the exported gpx file with my Garmin Dakota 20. Then it will only show the first Geocache. See Stebu's post above about characters not to use with CDATA. Let me know if I need to test something for you.
Hi Menion,

We're a few releases further and noticed you improved Locus on this issue. Thanks for that! When I exported with a recent version I saw  not all GPX 1/1 references were replaced. Also CDATA looks unchanged. Any chance you will fix this in the future?

No not really caching with it but definitely preparing/searching and logging caches. Here's where Locus plays an important role. Compass function to work helps alot but I agree it must be a problem with my device (or other people must report it) Thanks for your comments though.
Hi menion you were just ahead of me ;)  Please consider my proposal.
Thanks for the very useful info. I agree this would rather be a Garmin issue. I think the flexible/fast support of Locus is one of your important strengths.  I don't think Garmin is necessarily wanting to support this. So for Locus to support such a (unique?) feature would make sense I think. There must other devices lacking the CDATA support too.
Thanks again stebu! What does CDATA add functionally? I guess I have another feature request: create Garmin compatible GPX!

This way you get caches via your mobile phone, put in the gps mem card and write gpx file to it! All that on site! 8-)
Eventually I might do that. But I'd rather not :(
Thanks Stebu! You're right that made basecamp accept it. I checked with some other caches as well. Would it be possible to export with GPX 1.0 as well? Would be nice

However something else is still wrong. If I copy the gpx  to my Garmin gps the caches are not visible. This is my ultimate goal so I can store caches to my Garmin while I'm on trip.
Nobody has these problems as well?
I tried and found out it's also in other apps so it looks like it's more of an Asus problem...