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I am in Qingdao, China.

I had downloaded all maps of qingdao(google map).
and I had set up all POIs.

The problem is ..
The map and the GPS position is not matched at all.
Real Position is about 400 meters left than map postion.
so I always have to interpret gps postion to map position.

Can I correct this problem?
It seems that google map has some error in Chinese data.
I saw same problem in other program & posting.
Please let me know.
I use Locus Pro & Nexus one.
I have made 2 sqllite maps includes maps of korea, qingdao.
it has 2 categories and 50 + 40 POIs.

I rebooted the device and then ran locus and started tracking.
then switched to system home and/or lock screen, and then did nothing.
about 10-20 mins from run, it crashed and rebooted automatically.
sometimes it lasts about 30-40 mins.
I think it's not normal.

wierd thing is ..
I suspect that GPS turn on/off function has some defacts.
whenever i turned on LCD(press power btn) from system lock screen, locus always tries turn on GPS..
(whenever i don't use save tracking & location monitoring.)

I think previous version was much stable than today's new version.
While crashes all the time, I can't use this program ..
Please check the problem.