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I'm fairly new to Geocaching, and I have been using Locus + Geocaching4Locus, which is a great combination - used to use Locus + C-Geo, but this new combination is more simple and seamless.

I've just been looking at the other geocaching co-apps, like GeoGet Database and GSAK Database.

What can I do with these co-apps, which I can't do with Geocaching4Locus?  Am I missing out on anything not having them installed?

I'm not a serious geocacher, it's just something I do with the kids sometimes, and it is usually just one of two we're hunting at a time, so I suspect Geocaching4Locus is enough for my needs.

When I am using Locus to navigate, there is a problem I have.  Maybe someone can help me to solve this.

If I have just calculated a route for navigation, and I scroll around the screen (just to have a look as where the calculated route is taking me) Locus assumes I have moved to where the cursor is (at this point I have GPS switched off).  Locus then automatically gets a recalculated route starting from where my cursor is (instead of my original start point).

If there a way of switching this off, or changing the setting so this does not happen?
Maps / File size for offline raster maps
May 28, 2012, 13:03:39
Hi there
I've recently been updating some of my offline maps, which are the UK Ordnance survey.  The reason for this is because I wasn't happy with which zoom level my old maps switched from the 1:50,000 style to 1:25:000 style.  I want zoom levels 12&13 for the whole UK, and 14&15 for certain areas.

I'm using Mobile Atlas Creator 1.8 (an old version which still has Ordnance Survey in its list of map sources).  However - I've noticed that my new maps files are a lot larger (more than double) than my old maps, even though they are roughly the same area and same number of zoom levels.  Does anyone have any ideas why this may be?  I thought maybe the resolution/file size of the tiles from this map source has changed since I last downloaded maps.  I don't know the url of this map source because I don't know where to find this for MOBAC 1.8.  Unfortunately I cleared the cache of tiles in MOBAC (which were proabably of the old smaller file size) - otherwise I suspect my maps would have come out just the same as before.  The file size I'm getting now is comparable to the size I get using locus to download.

Also, is there any way of compressing the size of these map files?  Does anyone know of a utility which will take all the individual tiles in the map and compress them to smaller size jpeg, for example.  I'm after something nice and easy for a non-programmer to use!
Wishlist / Zooming with an overlay
May 08, 2012, 01:53:13
Hi there
I've been playing around with overlays - yet another fantastic addition to this awesome app!
If the overlay has fewer zoom levels than the base map, the overlay disappears when you reach a zoom level the overlay doesn't have.  It would be great if there was an option that means that the largest zoom level of the overlay is still there at higher zoom levels but just magnified (like what happens when you zoom in with the zoom level locked)

To explain why I think this would be very useful -I've been trying hill shade overlays. These take up a lot of space if they have all zoom levels, but because hill shading doesn't need sharp detail, it doesn't look much different if you have a lower zoom level that has been magnified /stretched. So your base map may go down to zoom level 16,and the hill shading overlay down to level 14 say, but map can still be viewed with overlay down to level 16.

Not sure if this is even possible, but thought it was worth asking!
Hi there
I recently got my first Android phone, and one of the things I was excited about was the GPS/mapping capabilities.  Spent a while with 'MyTrails' - quite a nice app - runs really smoothly and scrolls really quickly.  Then (mainly because of the geocaching capabilities and interaction with c:geo) thought I'd try out Locus.  What a wonderful app! In terms of functionality it leaves MyTrails standing.  Took me about 30 minutes to decide to 'go Pro'.

My question is about Vector Maps - I'm new to all this stuff, so keep your answers simple please  :?

I'd been using MOBAC to create Google and UK OS maps of areas I go to most often before I realised there was an update that allowed me to download the OSM vector maps.  For high level zooms (ie street level) these vector maps are fantastic, but I'm a bit disappointed with the details when you zoom back.  As certain zoom levels there can be missing town names, and although you get street names at high zoom, you don't seem to get road numbers at any zoom level! This makes these maps pretty useless for car navigation.  I know this is an OSM issue rather than a Locus one, but can anyone help me - are there OSM vectors maps available somewhere with better labelling at lower zoom levels?  At present I can see myself using (offline) Google raster maps at lower zooms, then switching to OSM vector for Street level nagivation, which isn't ideal because the zoom level is not maintained when you switch between them.

Also - I really like the OpenCycleMaps with coutours.  Anyone know where I can download these in vector form for offline use (or any other OSM based maps with contours?)

By the way - the areas I'm interested in are mainly the UK, Ireland and France.