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On some caches it takes a long time before images are downloaded or sometimes they are not downloaded at all. When doing big offlinzier files, this could be annoying, since Locus does not seem to time-out.

Could an option be added to have Locus time-out on the current cache and continue with the next?
When adding a waypoint to a geocache and in the coordinates field selecting New, selecting the existing/original geocache POI as a reference to save me typing some numbers, and then editing the new waypoint to the correct coordinate, both existing and new/child waypoint are move to the new location.
Strangely the red line between geocache and child WP is drawn from the good location and geocache WP keeps the correct coordinate in the description when selecting it.

To reproduce:
- Select any geocache
- Add child WP to geocache
- select NEW coordinate / choose on map / original geocache WP / +ADD
- Modify new child WP with eg. +/- 300'
- Show all child WP's
- Return to map
- Check red connection line and WP coordinate in description.

Hope the explanation is clear....:???:

Can anyone reproduce and is this a bug which can be solved?
Since yesterday I have my new Motorola Razr Maxx.
For some reason locus does give a GPS fix, but no satelites are visible.
Is there any explaination for this?
When searching for photo's with gps info in their EXIF info. The searching takes ages. I know in which folder I want to search.
Can I select this folder before the whole external memory is scanned?

Also when selecting all shown images in a folder and choosing import, nothing happens.
Troubles & Questions / Last line text select
January 29, 2012, 18:01:11
I really like the option to select text from Cache description.
Problem is that I can't select the last line to copy to the clipboard.
Troubles & Questions / Upload fieldnotes menu
January 08, 2012, 20:47:54
From the Geocaching live function, the upload fieldnotes option points to a different menu than the option from the geocaching (right button) menu. Can't this be the same?
Various & Bin / 3D view
October 11, 2011, 20:02:49
I just looked at oruxmaps and saw a 3d map view in there.
Since Locus lately had a lot of improvements for navigation this could also be a fancy option to choose, since this is quite popular with navigation apps.
I'm having a lot of crashes when using pinch zoom on vector maps. Especially when having routing and rotating maps enabled.
It seems like mapforge is rebuilding the screen while zooming and it is just getting overloaded. Also when not using routing and rotating maps I have these issues, but a lot less.
I'm not the expert here, but could this be solved by waiting with map rebuilding for some milliseconds after zooming has been finished? Because when zooming slowly no crashes occur.
Especially during driving this is a bit annoying, because I have to restart Locus again and it goes back to enabled wp's and routes of the last proper closure off the app and I have to enable all newly activated wp's and routes again.
Anyway here's my log:[attachment=0:3q04a8xq][/attachment:3q04a8xq]
When I made all points, or any points, of a multicache (GPX import) visible and close Locus by using the back button (HTC Desire), the waypoints are not visible anymore, but they are still selected when viewing in the multicache (which is visible).
I can't get them to show again untill I closed Locus using an app killer, restarting and reselecting the waypoints again.
Tested with Online, Offline and Vector maps. Same result.
I've created a route via the new cloudmade option :D .  When uploading the exported route in .gpx format to following error is displayed by geocaching :( .
QuoteThis route is incomplete, please rebuild the route and upload again. Make sure that your route includes both a starting point and finishing point that is greater than 10 feet.
Uploading the same route exported as .kml works fine :? .
Hi Menion,

Is it possible to preload/cache all images (incl. spoilers) from geocaches imported trough GPX import? When abroad I really would like to have a those preloaded on my phone, so I don't get charged with these extreme high datausage rates.


Implemented / Beep once within x meters
March 16, 2011, 07:46:17
I would like to see this function implemented in the Final 1.0 version.

Make Locus beep (once) when within X meters of a waypoint.

In this way I would save a lot of battery, because I don't have to look on the screen that much anymore.
The guiding now starts beeping from a long distance and get's annoying when hiking trough a quiet environment. e.g. Beep once when within 10 meters will do fine for me.
Since downloading from OSM takes long for BMP tiles for large maps, I was wondering if there is a possibility to download the map as vector on my desktop and convert it to Locus compatible SQLiteDB?
Implemented / Proximity circles
January 23, 2011, 21:28:36
To me it would be nice to be able to draw proximity cirlces around three waypoint.

In that way the projection of a waypoint with the given waypoints and distances would be possible.

Somthing like the mapsource function:
Troubles & Questions / Wrong translation
January 21, 2011, 18:18:50
Hi Menion,

I just installed Smartmaps to try it. I see some menus are in English.
When clicking Geocaching theres  wrong translation

'Find by Coutry' should be 'Find by Country'


Hi Menion,

When hiking the guiding sounds starts to beep when still far away. Could you add a distance setting for this or change the beep frequence?

When walking in a quiet forrest I also think the sound is a bit loud, even when my phone has the lowest possible volume. Is there a way to turn down the volume even more?
The hybrid map of Eniro does not seem to download all layers. Only main roads and city names are visible, without Aerial background.
Implemented / Locking overzoom
December 23, 2010, 19:58:07
I would like to see an option to lock the pinch zoom when overzooming on max. zoom level
 When near a point sometimes the zoom isn't large enough.