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Themes - Vector maps / [Theme] VanLifeMapV4
January 17, 2021, 15:43:13
Hi, I just published my first version of map theme for Locus and I want to share it with you.

You can get the latest version here:

Change log:
- New POI amenity=townhall
- New POI landuse|amenity=cemetery|grave_yard
- Code simplification: cat="poi_shops"
  - Render POI amenity=college same as amenity=school insted of amenity=university
  - Render POI amenity=food_court same as amenity=fast_food insted of amenity=restaurant
  - New POI equivalents for shop=chemist: herbalist, drugstore
  - New POI equivalents for shop=butcher: seafood, deli, fish
  - New POI equivalents for shop=organic: farm, greengrocer, cheese
  - New POI equivalents for shop=laundry: dry_cleaning
  - New POI equivalents for shop=books: newsagent
  - New POI equivalents for shop=beverages: alcohol
  - New POI equivalents for shop=mall: department_store
  - New POI equivalents for shop=convenience: general, kiosk
  - New POI equivalents for shop=doityourself: hardware, houseware, trade
  - New POI equivalents for shop=sports: outdoor, dive, fishing, hunting
  - New POI equivalents for shop=car: car_repair, car_parts
  - New POI equivalents for tourism=hotel: guest_house, motel
  - New POI equivalents for memorial=plaque: plate, blue_plaque
  - New POI equivalents for memorial=statue: bust, sculpture
  - New POI equivalents for memorial=stone: obelisk, stele
  - New POI equivalents for historic=wayside_shrine: wayside_chappel
  - New POI equivalents for historic=archaeological_site: archaeological
  - New POI equivalents for man_made=petroleum_well: pumping_rig
  - New POI shop=motorcycle|motorcycle_repair|motorcycle_parts
  - New POI shop=hairdresser
  - Optional hiking roads signs
- Changed rendering for: barrier=ditch, natural=cliff, natural=earth_bank, natural=gully, natural=crevasse, man_made=embankment, embankment=emb_yes, man_made=groyne
- Fixed casing on intersections and crossroads
- New POI shop=car
- Display hiking routes from level 8
- Display hiking routes names from level 8
- Display hiking routes symbols from level 13
- Offset of name and ref for hiking and cycling routes = 2
- New category "Cycling" with colored cycling routes from level 7
- First public release
Themes - Vector maps / Theme rule set rendering
August 18, 2020, 14:52:05
Hello I have trouble with this rule set.

<rule e="way" k="landuse" v="allotments|meadow|grass|orchard|vineyard">
  <area fill="#DDE8BB" />

  <rule e="way" k="landuse" v="allotments|orchard|vineyard">
    <area stroke="#C2D881" stroke-width="0.5" />
  <rule e="way" k="*" v="*" zoom-min="14">
    <rule e="way" k="landuse" v="orchard">
      <area symbol-scaling="size" src="file:/patterns/Landuse-Orchard.png" />
    <rule e="way" k="landuse" v="vineyard">
      <area symbol-scaling="size" src="file:/patterns/Landuse-Vineyard.png" />

All values "allotments|meadow|grass|orchard|vineyard" end up rendered as <area fill="#DDE8BB" stroke="#C2D881" stroke-width="0.5" symbol-scaling="size" src="file:/patterns/Landuse-Orchard.png" src="file:/patterns/Landuse-Orchard.png" />

It works if I split the rules but can it be done with nested rules somehow like this?