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is this (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=999) fixed in 1.10.2 or is it an other bug?
I use 1.10.2 Pro

Alone in the forest i tried to find the next waypoint.

Adding new waypoint an shows the Cord.
N 51°44.338'
E 10°16.041'
After chosed change it shows WGS (x° x.x'):
5144° 20.2800
1016° 02.4600
i changed to:
N 51° 44.340
E 10° 16.060
After saving its converted to
N 5144° 20.400'
E 1016° 03.600'

Troubles & Questions / gpx import
August 02, 2011, 22:12:22
I have a question about importing gpx-files to locus. If i import a new generated gpx and a poi exists i have the choice to step over or overwrite. if i chose overwrite i have updated poi's but the "fount it"-icon gets lost. (fieldnotes remains). Is it possible to update poi's without losing the "settings". In my case i want just update the log/element details of geocaches and other cache-details like coordinates and status.