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Topics - Ted Quinlan

Well, I'm really appreciating the features and increasing convenience of Locus more and more. In fact, I'm using my smartphone as my only GC device for weks now - works great.

I just noticed one thing:

Is it possible to keep the format (spaces, rows etc.) of the original Listing also in the imported POI's in Locus? Or is this problem due to limitations of the gpx format itself?

Example (in german, but the language doesn't matter, only the format):

Part of Cache description:

A = B – C
B = Einerstelle der Jahreszahl der Errichtung der Löschemer Kapelle
C = Ein Drittel der Länge einer Wanderschleife
D = C x 2
E = D x 2

Station 2:

How it looks in the Listing in Locus:

A = B – CB = Einerstelle der Jahreszahl der Errichtung der Löschemer
KapelleC = Ein Drittel der Länge einer
WanderschleifeD = C x 2E = D x 2Station

Of course, the line breaks depend on the used device and resolution of course, but when in comes to formulas etc. it's pretty inconvenient to read.

But as I said, I don't know if this is a Locus or a GPX Problem ... or maybe it's on my side ...