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Hi. I'm wondering if Locus is fully compatible with Galaxy Nexus/ICS? The compass in Locus seems to be off by about 90 degree counter-clockwise.

As you can see in the screenshot. I was standing still and facing exactly north (used compass in GPS Status to verify it), but Locus showed I was facing West (the map wasn't rotated and North is the top). When I opened Google Maps it showed correctly that I was facing North so I think the problem might be with Locus using hardware compass in Galaxy Nexus. Any idea?

Yes, I have calibrated the compass using Tools in GPS Status.

I use Locus to record my tracks and I'm not sure how these two settings work together when recording a track:
(1) settings in GPS->Time between GPS locations
(2) settings inTrack recording -> Interval (seconds)

Let's say I set (i) to 10 seconds and (2) to 15 seconds. If I understand correctly:
- At time t=10s the gps is turned on and find a location then turned off.
- At time t=15s the track point should be recored but the gps is still turned off so no point is recorded.
- At time t=20s the gps is turned on again to find a location but no point is recorded.
- At time t=30s the gps is turned on, find a location and a point is recored since it's the scheduled time.

So a track point will be recorded every 30s ( =LCM(10,15)) right?

Is it possible to make the setting in (2) to overide the the setting in (1) in recording mode? In otherwords, when the scheduled time to record a point comes, the gps should be turned on to find a location and record a point then go to sleep until the next scheduled time to record a point again (regardless of the value in (1)).  This should make it easier to control the gap time in recording mode since there's only one value to set.

Sorry for the long post. I hope you understand what I mean.