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Hello all,

I'm already a long fan of locus maps for bicycle riding. Since I'm trying to use Locus also for hiking or getting around outside my own country I use offline maps from openandrumaps.

The biggest problems for me with locus and this maps are:
  • The labels of the map rotate with the map so you would have to read up-side-down for example.
  • You always have to do a lot of zooming in-and-out the be sure you don't miss important landmarks like hills or poi like restraunts etc.
  • Offline search in the map

I have now tried and was wondered as the have the same map source: The rendering of the map does not have the first two problems and also the offline search is working really good. For example you can be sure, that always the well-known summits are displayed in low-zoom level.

Are these problems of the focus app? Or of the map material?

Maps / How to add OpenStreetMap Online Map
« on: January 11, 2018, 08:16:10 »

how can I add OpenStreetMap (the whole world) as an Online-Map to Locus?
I really tried a lot, but is it just not possible?

I currently use the offline maps from openadrumaps which are partially very good but not always in outside europe. I want to have a possibility to compare easily with the most latest map versions: the online maps from OpenStreetMap.

In Locus it's only possible to select "OSM - Outdoor Europe" - but not the rest of the world ?! Where is for example Asia or America? Normally there shouldn't be a differentiation of continents for online maps, right?

Thanks in advance  :D

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