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Themes - Vector maps / Theme for onroad motorcycle riding
« on: February 16, 2018, 11:08:51 »
Coming from Osmand+ the first issue for me is to find a theme for onroad motorcycling only. Reasons for switching to locus: I would like to have the database structure and the poi handling with personalized icons. Also strict mode is a thing I would like when navigating a track.

Locus themes I have testet show me to much details - even when getting in overview. Let me show you what I mean.

First: Osmand showing 2km scale in the Eifel, Germany. Preferred motorcycling area with lots of small winding roads. Osmand shows them all - and does not display all the forest and resident roads, that are closed for public.

Second: Locus with road theme and lomaps. I have to go to level 3 km, but have smaller overview. Notice the secondary roads in the small villages - they are of complete desinterest. Zooming in gives more roads mentioned above which are closed to public.

Third: Locus with Voluntary UK theme. Same thing with need to go to 3 km scale but having less overview (left). Going to 2 km scale Voluntary UK theme gets useless, showing almost closed roads:

Is there any theme or possibility to modify an existing theme to show only roads that a suitable for motorized traffic? I really donĀ“t need roads to be shown that I am not allowed to ride. And showing this roads makes the overview just confusing.

Thanks for any hint.

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