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Are there any news regarding the switch of Geocaching4Locus from the old to the new Groundspeak API?
Retiring date of the old API is getting closer and closer ...
The order of Geocaching waypoints changes when updating a Geocache by "Geocache Live".
To reproduce:

  • import e.g. multi-cache GC6XAQ8 via GPX import (GPX file downloaded directly from Cache listing)
  • observe that the order of waypoints matches exactly the order in the listing (ordered by waypoint code)

  • now update the cache by pressing "Share" button and "Update cache"

  • after the update the order of waypoints changed; it doesn't follow the order in the cache listing anymore

The changed order is especially problematic for multi-caches that often have different types of waypoints: stages, reference points, parking areas, trailheads, final location.
The waypoint order is set by the Cache owner in the cache listing and usually follows the order the  waypoints have to be visited in the field, i.e. the order matters.

By the way, one gets the same (changed) order of waypoints also when importing the cache via Live Map or bookmark list - seems to be related to "Geocache Live".

Maybe two possible solutions:

  • adding a sorting possibility to the waypoints tab: e.g. sort by Waypoint code or name or ...; then it's a user choice
  • let the waypoint order always follow the cache listing, no matter how it was imported or updated