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Implemented / POI's
December 10, 2010, 05:28:34
First would like to say Great Program.

would like to beable to add my own Catagory Icons to use. I either dont like all the ones that are close to what I need or just would like to use a different collered one at the same time. eg. say food Icon, A green one for say fast food, a blue for say ABC restruant, and Red for say Keg type restruants. But theres alot more eg I could go through.

another thing I would like is an quicker way to enable/disable POI catagories on the main map screen instead of going several screens in. But instead say on the title named Locus make it a button and it brings up a list of icon POI's 1 click will either enable or disable thoughs Icon Catagories.