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Troubles & Questions / Obscure coordinate bug
« on: October 12, 2019, 03:20:14 »
This "bug" is pretty obscure - it requires two user mistakes to be made before it happens.  :-[
So it might not actually warrant a bug fix.

I copied coordinates from an email that someone sent me and then created a new waypoint using the 'Clipboard' option to paste the coordinates for the waypoint.  The email had the coordinates formatted as N41.48.392, W88.19.396.  (I use DDM format.)  I did not notice the additional decimal after degrees when copying, and did not notice it after pasting, either.  After tapping OK, Locus did not give me an error message about invalid formatting, it just entered something very different. Try it - it's easily repeatable.

Troubles & Questions / Left panel disappears
« on: September 18, 2019, 22:18:55 »
I have Quick Map Switch and Map Content set to display in the lower left of my display, as shown in my screenshot. These two panels randomly disappear and the only way I can get them back is to exit and restart Locus.

I'm probably doing something wrong but an app restart seems to be the only way to have them come back.

Troubles & Questions / Mapsforge maps list twice
« on: July 27, 2019, 15:36:09 »
I have some offline Mapsforge maps downloaded with another app. I have pointed to this folder in Locus and the maps work fine. However, some of the maps show twice in the maps list in Locus. There is only one map file but it shows twice in the list. The ones that are listed twice were recently downloaded. The ones that are listed once have been there a while.

Add-ons / GPS Averaging app is now malware
« on: June 16, 2019, 13:42:49 »
The latest version of the GPS Averaging app is now serious malware. Even when it's not running, it randomly puts up full screen ads. Even if it has never been run after a phone reboot, the ads still randomly pop up. I have Uninstalled.

Is there another averaging app that integrates with Locus Pro?

Add-ons / Geocaching4Locus and list problem
« on: June 10, 2019, 04:36:07 »
I have 3.0.2 and had an error loading a list from The list has 22 geocaches in it but it only loaded 10 of them. I do not have any filters set. I used the option online to save as a PQ and the PQ had all 22 geocaches. I downloaded the same list with another app and it got all 22 geocaches. So the list seems OK; it appears that the problem only exists with G4Locus. I made the list public so it could be looked at.

Has anyone else had an issue with importing lists?

Troubles & Questions / Question on Track Export
« on: August 13, 2018, 17:46:43 »
I thought I found a bug with track exporting because although I got a 'successful' message after my export to Dropbox, the exported file was nowhere to be found.

I had a track folder 'Jericho' with two tracks in it. Call them Track1 and Track2. From the Tracks folder list I selected the 3 dots next to the name Jericho and selected Export. My expectation was that the exported GPX file would be called 'Jericho' and contain the two tracks. Instead, it exported two separate GPX files of 'Track1' and 'Track2'.

So this is by design, not a bug, I guess. If I select a track 'folder' from the list page, I would really like the option to export the multiple tracks in the folder to a single GPX file export. This is how I am used to working with routes and tracks with my Garmin devices. So maybe you could consider this a feature request. 😉

Using v3.32.2

Troubles & Questions / Cache Note Upload Fails
« on: June 11, 2018, 15:43:31 »
When I select the option to upload a personal cache note, I get the error messages below. However, if I check on the web page, my note was actually uploaded. This just started after the last update.

Troubles & Questions / Create shaping points?
« on: April 20, 2018, 03:15:39 »
On a recent road trip, I created a couple routes with Garmin's Basecamp and imported them into Locus as well as our Nuvi. I noticed that the 'silent' route shaping points that I had created were announced while navigating the route with Locus. I did not see an option to change these waypoints to shaping points in Locus. Is this possible?

I've noticed something odd while using Live Map and puzzles/multi's with corrected coordinates.  I don't know if it's a Groundspeak API limitation or a bug in Locus.

  • I had solved a puzzle cache and updated the coordinates on the web site.
  • The solved coordinates were a significant distance away from the original posted coordinates.
  • I was only using Live Map with Locus.  The cache was not stored offline.
  • On the Locus map screen, the cache icon does not show on the map. See screenshot #1. The solved cache icon should be where the center crosshair is.
  • If I zoom out so that the map screen now includes the original posted coordinates and the corrected location, the cache icon now appears in the corrected location.  In screenshot #2, the cache now shows just below the center crosshair.

Is this a Locus bug, or just a limitation of the Groundspeak API?

Troubles & Questions / Can't access Dropbox
« on: October 05, 2017, 04:21:49 »
Using Locus Pro 3.25.5
I've been Locususing with Dropbox for a long time now.  Today, I get an error message,
"Whoops, a problem  v1_retired" when I want to import from Dropbox.

I logged Locus out of Dropbox and logged back in again.  I get the "allow" prompt and get the same error message as before.  I can access Dropbox from another geocaching app, so I know my login and permissions are correct.

What is the problem here?

Troubles & Questions / Odd problem with Field Notes
« on: September 27, 2017, 17:06:14 »
I had an odd problem with Field Notes yesterday.  I always use "Upload Field Note" option when logging geocaches.  Later, I go online and add and embellish my logs and post them. Then I delete the field notes from Locus and update the geocaches in the Points list.  This has always worked well for me.

Yesterday, I inadvertently left the Log Type as "Found" when I posted a DNF log. I have done this once or twice in the past, and just corrected it online before posting.  After deleting the Field Note from Locus and updating the list, everything would show properly.

Yesterday however, the two geocaches I made this mistake with are still showing up on the Locus map with smileys, even though the log type is DNF.  I tried some corrective steps, but they aren't working.  See my steps and results below.

The red circle highlights one of the caches with the problem.  In Locus as well as online, there is a single log with log type DNF.  Yet it shows a smiley on the map.  It shows with a smiley in the List view, too. There are no saved logs or field notes in Locus.

This is the log itself in Locus.  Again, all field notes have been deleted from Locus

Next, I posted a new (second) DNF field note in Locus.  Locus now shows the DNF on the map, as well as in the List view.

I did an Update in the list, everything is still good.  I deleted the Field Note in Locus, and the smiley came back, even if I did an Update in the list view again.  As I mentioned before, I have made this mistake a couple times in the past, and just deleting the Field Note in Locus after correcting the log online and then updating the list would always take care of this.  Now, it does not work.

This appears to be something new with 3.25.5.  I am using the 'Locus - Addon FieldNotes' v1.4.6.2, if that is significant here.

Troubles & Questions / Multi-select only selects first waypoint
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:37:13 »
Using 3.25.5.  Selected several waypoints and tap Delete icon. It only deletes the first one. See the screen shots.

Troubles & Questions / Track recording question
« on: September 04, 2017, 03:22:25 »
In the track setup menu I don't understand the option "Number of track monitoring items".  I have tried changing that option, but I can't see what difference that makes. The Help File didn't answer that question for me, either.  Can someone explain what the difference would be between setting that to a high or low value?

Troubles & Questions / Locus bug: Copy from Live to List
« on: June 28, 2017, 00:09:36 »
I'm using V3.24.3, but this bug existed before this.  I just learned how to replicate it while playing with the update.

I'm viewing an offline list on the map.  Turn on Live, and I see a couple new caches pop up nearby. Select each new cache to open the description and select Copy To (my offline list).  The next time I open Locus (with Live off), the new caches are not showing on the map.  When Locus copies them to the offline list, they are marked with 'do not view'.  The eyeball selector is crossed out.  I think when an item is copied moved or imported, it should default to View ON.

Troubles & Questions / Create / edit geocache user note?
« on: April 16, 2017, 16:24:24 »
Is it possible to create or edit a geocache personal user note? I can't find how to do that if it exists. If not, I wish it were possible. I use that feature often.

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