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Other features / MAPC2MAPC
« on: June 03, 2011, 16:17:51 »
The newest version of MAPC2MAPC has an option to create RMAPS/sqlite.db atlas maps which work in Locus. I took a regular aerial (with a world file) from my work's data library and converted it to sqlite format and loaded it easily into Locus. So, this means we're no longer required to use online map sources. You can even use maps that don't have a world file or some form of "geo-calibration" and calibrate it. This is perfect! I have some really high quality aerial photos that I can now use instead of being limited to Google, Bing, etc.

I don't know all the ins-outs of the MAPC2MAPC since I just downloaded it today, but the stuff I did worked very easily. The only downside may be is that it's shareware ($15 US), so if you don't pay/register, the output files will have random "X's" placed all over the images. But, for me, the cost is worth it.



Implemented / Google My Maps wishlist
« on: May 26, 2011, 15:36:50 »
Would love to have these options added for the Google My Maps viewer:

  • Option to delete points/lines from an existing MyMap.  I understand this may not be possible and if it's not it's ok
  • When clicking on the Edit option for a particular MyMap, have Locus zoom to that location.  Currently it appears you have to manually zoom.
  • Add a zoom option to the menu in case you want to just view a particular MyMap.  Again it appears you have to manually zoom to the location

Thanks for your consideration.  Cheers!  Art

Troubles & Questions / Google MyMaps trouble
« on: May 26, 2011, 15:15:30 »
Good morning!  First of all, I would like to say I absolutely love this app!  I'm an environmental scientist by profession and this app has so many uses for me to assist with collecting data.  Thanks for the wonderful program and making it so customizable.  Very nice!  :D

I'm having a bit of trouble viewing some Google MyMaps I created and would like to know if others can view them in Locus or if it's a problem on my end.  All of the maps can be viewed correctly within a standard web browser.  I am using Locus Pro on a Motorola Droid, which is running 2.3.3 and is rooted with Cyanogenmod.  

Here's a map I have no problems viewing: ... f&t=h&z=19 (nothing special, just standard Google markers).

This map I was able to view 3 days ago, but can't anymore: ... 7&t=h&z=14  (Imported lines from GIS into Google markers for this map).

And this map I created yesterday, but haven't been able to get Locus to view it: ... 87&t=h&z=9 (I created some special icons for this map and the relay route and final point are straight from Google).

Please test these out and let me know if you can view them in Locus and provide me with some suggestions.  Also, I do quite a bit of computer graphics and will be providing some icons and such as time permits.

Thanks for your help.  Cheers!  Art

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