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Maps / GML maps
« on: July 30, 2016, 20:49:30 »

I'm quit new to Locus maps and maps in general.

I would like to use a very detailed map from my seroundings in my Locus pro app. But the only maps I can find are in GML ore e geotiff ore a jpg. The OMS maps from Locus are very well for all things but less detailed in offroad.

I'v been on the web all day to convert the geotiff. (mapc2mapc) but the result was not working on Locus. Neither all the sqlite db I converted it to.

Is it possible to 1; convert a gml map to a useable locus map?
Or 2 to figure out why the geotiff conversions dont work? Locus just says it is not readable or not correct.
Or 3 to have a large high quallity image as an overlay to my osm map?
Or 4 another solution?

The Gml files:
J pegs:

With regards


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