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Themes - Vector maps / Different themes for different maps?
« on: November 13, 2016, 00:07:16 »
Hi! Long time, no see :)
I tried to find the answer to my problem, but couldn't.

So the problem is that I have an OSM map of Finland, and the "Voluntary Hike UK" theme works fine with it. Then I got a very detailed map of Finland (, but it requires the use of a different theme.

I moved the new map into a new folder, but still when I select a theme, it is used on both maps, and they are not compatible :(

So how can I choose one theme for an OSM map and a different theme for this new map?

TIA, stebu

Troubles & Questions / Google satellite map not working
« on: July 09, 2014, 23:26:41 »
For a few days Google satellite online map only shows text "No map from this area". This has worked previously.
And what's more surprising, Google hybrid map works!

Is it just me, or ???

Troubles & Questions / Poi Alert always activates from POI.db
« on: May 07, 2014, 22:36:53 »
I have pro v 2.20.2, I just noticed that I cannot disable Poi alert activating from the downloaded Poi.db. (I have and finland.poi.db in vector maps folder)
Is there a way (other than remove the poi.db) to remove these pois from the alert list?
There should be a selection option in the same menu where the folders are selected.

Troubles & Questions / How can I overlay two icons?
« on: April 03, 2014, 19:40:04 »
I think I once saw somewhere that a disablde cache's icon is made from two separate icons:
1) the cache symbol
2) a red diagonal bar

Is it possible to do this with any icon in <locus:icon></locus:icon>?
If yes, how, please?

I can change the coordinates of a cache in Locus, and the red star is shown on top of the icon.
When I export this cache from Locus to my PC, I find that there is a "Final" waypoint after the end of the cache's description.
If I delete the cache from Locus and then import the exported GPX file, NO RED STAR is indicated  :'(

I would like to import into Locus my solved mysteries, so that the red star differentiates solved mysteries from field puzzles (same questionmark icon)

When the target is far the line to target shows the distance both at the target location and at GPS location.
That's OK.

When the target is close the distance is only shown between target and GPS.
It should be the other way around, only the reading BEHIND GPS location should be shown in this case.
This has two advantages:
1) the target area on the map stays clear, you can see the map details
2) the distance acts as a pointer (actually arrow tail) and indicates the direction to the target.


Troubles & Questions / GEMF: converted to sqlitedb
« on: September 12, 2013, 17:25:24 »
I started a new thread, because this is not a speed issue.
wait converted?? nono, nothing like this is possible with Locus :)

Well all my personal files (.SQL and former .GEMF) seem to have a mapname.sqlitedb-journal file associated, date = 9/8/2013.
This is the date I upgraded my phone from ZTE Blade to Xcover 2. I just moved the SD card and re-installed Locus PRO.

One of my original GEMF maps causes an error and will not load, 2 others work well.

The (assumed) conversion probably thought, that the maps used ellipsoidal model, but they had spherical. I do not remember if we ever solved how this data is placed into GEMF file. The provider number wasn't a global solution.

Currently I have only "academic" interest in GEMF maps, other maps provided by Locus are just fine!

Implemented / Streamlining gpx import
« on: August 14, 2013, 22:32:00 »
This is a minor wish, but it bothers me almost every day!

My current steps in downloading a large GPX file (e.g. 3000 Geocaches):
1. go to the download function and select a local file
2. Locus asks me "select SwedenF.gpx -- No/Yes. I answer Yes.
3. Locus starts analyzing the file for a few seconds, I forget whether it was Sweden, Norway or Lapland  :roll:
4. Locus prompts me to select a folder, I can't be sure (see 3)
I'd like to get rid of step 2, but that would make things worse (longer time to forget and possibly fatfingered a wrong file)
So here's my wish: if I tick in 2. "Don't ask again" then Locus has to tell me which file I chose in step 4.
For example:

Implemented / default zoom, map tile loading
« on: July 30, 2013, 00:52:49 »
I have just driven 1500 km thru Finland. And I noticed two things I'd like to get improved in Locus.

1) Ther's a lot of cache free areas here. So I like to zoom out to see the general map better. When I arrive at a cahe I have to zoom in 5-6 steps. This is time consuming. So could there be a configurable min/max zoom level, that could be selected by long-pressing (-) or (+) key.

2) It seems that Locus downloads tiles, when the display is off and and center map to GPS is active. If I drive 100km+ without looking at the map, there's a lot of unneccessary tiles downloaded. This should be configurable (load tiles or not, when diplay is off)

But anyhow I found a few caches on my trip to Mega Finland 2013 and the event location, too  :D
 In a few days I'll be heaing back south.

Troubles & Questions / Geocache symbols
« on: April 18, 2013, 08:34:32 »

I need an clear icon for my solved mysteries (the red star in the corner is not so good and I do not know how to get it).
I noticed that Locus/icons_gc contains almost all of the official GC type icons. But I cannot use them from a GPX file.

The following types are OK:
"Earthcache", "Traditional Cache", "Multi-cache", "Unknown Cache", "Virtual Cache", "Letterbox Hybrid",
"Event Cache", "Webcam Cache", "Cache In Trash Out Event", "Wherigo Cache", "Mega-Event Cache"

Then I tried "GPS Adventures Exhibit", "Locationless (Reverse) Cache", "Groundspeak HQ" and even "Cache"
and the result was always the gc_type_gps.png icon.

Then the questions:
Is it possible to get the rest of the icons linked to {groundspeak:type}?
If not, can I trust that type="Cache" links to gc_type_gps.png

Troubles & Questions / Slow importing of GPX points
« on: October 27, 2012, 16:59:58 »
When testing the new database I discovered that importing was very slow. I complained about it and Menion kindly increased the speed 20..30%.
But loading +1000 geocahces at the speed (less than 2 geocaches)/1 sec is VERY slow.
I tried to combine all logs into one large log entity, 30% improvement in speed. Still too slow :(
Then I removed seldom used points categories (my database size was 43 Mb), now it is 12 Mb. And now importing speed is back to normal (5...10 caches / sec).  :mrgreen:

So my speculation is that the database updating needs a lot of memory (RAM), and that is what my ZTE-Blade does NOT have  :(

So, either keep your database size small enough or buy a decent phone with at least 500 Mb of RAM for user data.

Various & Bin / Night mode side menu button
« on: December 01, 2011, 23:41:05 »

Is there a possibility to add the "Night mode" on/off to the side menu? I couldn't find it.
I think it would be nice* to turn night mode on/off without going thru the settings.

* During my time in active SW-developement I heard the phrase "It would be nice, if ..." too many times  :roll:

Implemented / Map scale
« on: November 10, 2011, 15:11:55 »
For a while the map scale was rather constant (100, 200, 500, ..)
Now it is back to some funny values like 550m, 9km,...? And this is not constant behaviour?
This sometimes confuses me, when I'm seaching for a specific zoom level.

I would like the scale to have values 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100...
And the scale measure should be around 1/4 of the screen's shorter width.

Any thoughts?

Implemented / Confirm POI import
« on: November 10, 2011, 15:05:45 »
I have had some "oops" experiences while importing POI files. I mostly download zip files from web, then let Locus handle them.
Locus gives me a list of categories that I can import the new points. If I accidentally "click" (=touch) a wrong place on the screen, I will loose the contents of that category :(

Even if "are you sure" is sometimes a pain, I would like to have it in this instance.

An OK/cancel box with the text "Importing to category X". Cancel would bring you back to the category selection list.

Tools / sqlite to GEMF map conversion tool
« on: October 03, 2011, 17:43:11 »
This is a small PC utility that enables to convert and combine several sqlitedb maps (downloaded from your Android /Locus/maps into PC) and other GEMF maps into one (possibly HUGE) GEMF map.

GemfTool information and download


Nice comments are wellcome on this board :roll:
(edit: 30.10.2011 Additional functionality, ne name)

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