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Hi Guys !

I would like to make a reference in link :
I bought a few days ago Motorola G8 Power, and when I have set on Energy Saver mode, Locus loses signal and stop recording track.
Motorola has Android v. 10, and I didn't find option for exlusion Locus app to switch off in Energy Saver.
Has anyone idea, how use Locus with Energy Saver turned on ?
Troubles & Questions / Has use Motorola G8 anyone ?
October 31, 2020, 12:33:52
Hello Everyone,

I need replace my old Phone on new one. I try on buy Motorola G8 Power for use with Locus Pro and I have major question about compass.
Opinion are divided, that compass (e-compas with magnetometr) is in use, but some forums writes, that isn't impelemented in G8.
I need for automatic orientation in Locus map and set up automatic direction.
Has anyone this model and can confirm that Locus can automatic oriented map for direction of world ?
Thanks for supporting ...

Regards, Paul

Troubles & Questions / My own maps
April 05, 2016, 15:01:47
I have big problem with my created maps with OziExplorer. I calibrated them with Ozi by geographical coordinates, then I wrote to *.map file. Next I have put *.map file to program Mapc2mapc and I have wrote to Trekbbudy Map format. After this compilation I get right structure files *.map , *.set and subfolder with files *.png. After this operation I packed with 7zip to format tar.
But now I copied to my smartphone this *.tar file to \\Locus\Maps and I downloaded map correctly.
My problem is with recorded tracks. On created my map I can't see recorded tracks, any tracks.
Where is possible problem, map is good visible, srolling, increasing is fine, but my own tracks early recorded doesn't visible ?
What can I do yet ?