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iOS version / Migrating from android to iPhone
August 06, 2017, 06:04:56
I currently have paid version of locus pro through play store plus a bunch of us maps I bought with locoins. In a couple weeks I am going to be getting a new iPhone.  Is there any way to migrate my paid services over or am i just going to have to buy all over again?
I got live tracking going on my phone but how and where does my wife or kids go to watch me? Do they have to have Locus on their phones as well or do they go to a certain website to watch? Do I just give them my "nickname" that I created and they enter my nickname to go find my location? I do not want to sign up for subscription for private room. I plan on just using a public room.

I would also like to ask if the built in live tracking feature in Locus Pro is better than the other services like GPSies?
Troubles & Questions / Elevation gain
November 06, 2016, 01:03:24
Why does locus pro not display elevation gain after a recorded ride? All I can find is minimum and maximum elevation.  How would I calculate?  As it is now I have to wait till I get home to upload to Strava to see my elevation gain on Strava.
I am sorry I keep posting about this but it won't work!! What am I doing wrong? I downloaded Lomaps of 3 states I navigate in regularly (Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri). I go to search address and the option for offline (under the hamburger button) is selected as well as the current state I am trying to navigate in. I start by entering the city name. The offline map can locate the city. Then I enter the street. As long as I only enter the street and NOT ANY HOUSE ADDRESS  it will find it. If I try to enter a specific address it says it cannot find any results. For example "600 west main St" finds nothing BUT "West Main" will be located. Then when I hit start it flashes to the map and I get an error "Route cannot be computed, Please check navigation source" and it flashes right back to the start screen. This happens in a half second time. I have tried the old way (Brouter and downloading a thousand tiles all over the USA lol) and had Brouter selected in settings as navigation source and it won't work either. Using Lomaps I can see the destination location on the map if I cancel out but I just cannot navigate.

Last Thursday, while on the road for work, Google Maps crashed and would not connect to server. I was in the boondocks and my customer would not answer the phone so I had no idea where I was going. I did a quick search for "Google Maps alternatives" and I found a competitors app called "Here maps". I downloaded it and then selected the USA and downloaded maps on 4g data for offline use. I used Here Maps that day and it worked well. When I got home that night I downloaded Here maps on my old Galaxy S5 (which is deactivated and has no data) and Friday I experimented and used Here Maps (on that same deactivated S5) all day long to navigate me to 7 different houses with NO DATA. It worked every bit as well as Google maps. So much so that I may just start using it daily instead of Google Maps. All that was needed to set up Here Maps was:

1, download the app and
2, download the region you want to use offline

That was it!! After this (which took 5 minutes). It worked extremely well and was super simple to get going. BUT Here maps cannot record or import/export gpx files like Locus Pro can so it cannot be a replacement. Why can't Locus be so simple to use? I am getting so extremely frustrated that I am thinking of switching to OSMAND which everyone claims will do all that Locus can but I already have so much time invested in Locus that I hate to have to learn another app. I like Locus interface but I need help getting this simple feature of offline navigation fixed. PLEASE HELP!!
Troubles & Questions / help with road database
September 06, 2016, 00:41:24
What map do I need, so that when I am navigating a course I created in rural Iowa, Locus pro can tell me what road I am turning on next instead of just saying unknown road? Sometimes I like to view the turns ahead of time and keep them in my memory bank but when all it says is unknown road I obviously have no idea which road that will be.
If I try to add a picture to my ride during recording it opens up my camera app.  I snap a picture and name and save it but they are no where to be found after recording is done and saved.  Are the pictures supposed to show up?  Would I be better off just adding pics manually after I share to Strava? I thought it would be cool to add them as I took them.
. I created a route from our house to a location this morning imported it to Locus maps and started the route and started recording as we drove away from the house. Instead of telling me which way to turn and following my route it's trying to tell me to take a shortcut to get to the Final Destination. Why won't it navigate me through the entire course without taking a shortcut to the end?