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I spend some time assembling a dashboard that supports all my information needs when riding.
The result is a dashboard with info about the current status (speed, cadance), the current track (average speed, distance, time riding), some Phone information (battery status and temp) and buttons to quickly get acces of track database, gps settings etc.
The statitics appear above the riding map. Additionally there are two graphics, wich plot the last part of the track in terms of speed and height.

I hope some other riders will enjoy the dashboard as much as I do. Please tell me what you think of it!
It was used with a Sony Xperia compact, optimized for landscape use (I think at 720x1280). Probably you need to adjust some settings if you are using a phone with bigger screen :-(
I made a lot of kilometers with this dashboard, but unfortunately my printscreen is a car driving track, without ant+sensor statistics.

If some technical problems apear in installing or using the dashboard, please let me know (alltough I am not a very technical guy).

From the (flat) Netherlands, Tom de Graaff